My Rockstars!!

November Tips and Tricks

Tips from the Best!!

Hello my loves! You do know that I love you all right?? Because I so do and i hope you always know that. I have the best team and I love it!! So I just wanted to share some tips and tricks I got from an amazing call with Star Director Alison Fuller today! I mean I know some of you have 5 or 6 (amazing!!!!!) trunk shows set for this month and what better month to do it than the month before Christmas, right?? I can't wait to see what we can do this month!! So if you don't have as many shows as you want or are just super overachievers and want to do more, here are some little tips I thought were amazing!!

--first of all ANYTHING can happen this month...that's why it's called the Magical Time for stylists!! Why not try for it, right??

-PLEASE DO THIS-YOU WILL BE MAD AT YOURSELF IF YOU DONT!! Host your own Holiday Sip and Shop Open House!! Make it fun...bubbly, maybe some drawing and prizes...have it the evening of Black Friday as a wind down to the madness if the day...or that Saturday! So easy to think of a good way to word it...once they do the crazy shopping for others they can unwind with a drink and so some fun shopping for themselves!! I would want to do that! Wouldn't you??? I guarantee you will be happy you hosted your own Holiday Show--PLUS put it under our name and get all the hostess credits too!! Woohoo!!

--When or if you travel for the holidays take your jewels! Oh and bags too!Take a tote of them and show them off--act like you are organizing them or trying to figure out what to wear and get ladies asking and talking about them--whether it's strangers or in laws!!

--SOMETHING I AM DOiNG TOMORROW!- contact local business or employers you know and approach them about easy gifts--offer a service to them! Great gifts they will love- I mean what woman doesn't love getting pretty Stella and Dot! I have heard stories of huge orders by doing thousands! After all, you are really helping them. They were going to spend the money anyway just make it easier for them!!

--teacher Gifts--perfect idea! A piece or a gift card!

--Tweens--appeal to Moms of Tweens! Do a joint show where the girls can make a wish list for Christmas! poufs, bracelets, hang ons are perfect tween gifts

--Take books every single place you go!! Never leave home without at least some minis. I always keep large look books in my car and bag!! Make it a fun goal--drop off 2 a day with someone or maybe 10 a week!! It works!! Ask your salon or nail place if you can leave them! What about waiting rooms?? Doctor or dentist?? Make sure your info is in your books!!

--Mail out large and small look books to your best customers and potential hostesses and place a personalized fun note in it..people love getting things like that in the mail!!! Makes them feel special!!

I just heard these tips today and thought I need to share them with my girls!! I hope they help! Text or email me and let me know how they work!!