Early Ojibwe


Winter food

Before winter the Ojibwe stocked up on rice, sugar , and dried fruits. They also made the moccasins and winter clothing. When winter began the men and boys hunted, the very best hunters hunted moose,deer, and elk. There was a group of wigwams then some more miles away there was some more. If one family had food and another one didn't they would share, if all families had enough the the older women would burn them over a fire and save them for later.

What the Ojibwe did in there free time

In winter the Ojibwe children entertained themselves by going sledding with sleds made of tree bark or toboggans. They also played many games, such as snow snake, cup and pin, and double ball. When it got dark the children went in the older women wigwam and listens to stories that was meant for lessons,entertainment,and to learn about the past.