Andrew Jackson

The Anti-Hero


Spoils System

The Spoils system is a system where the president assigns jobs to people for their vote. In some cases the president makes jobs just to give people a job for their vote. The president will in some cases make deals with the person who wants the job. Like offer money or just the vote.

The Trail of Tears

The Cherokee Tribe of native Americans were pushed out of Georgia and into the south-western part of the United States. They were pushed out by the Federal Government not the National Government. The Natives were moved into an area that was horrible for farming and agriculture. Most of the Natives died during the move because of starvation or dehydration.

Indian Removal Act

Andrew Jackson went to the Supreme Court to see if he is able to kick out the Native Americans in Georgia out. The Supreme Court denied having them kicked out. Jackson decided to turn his back on the Supreme Court and kick the Natives out of the United States anyway. Andrew Jackson gathered all of the Natives in Georgia and sent them on their way creating the Indian Removal Act.


Jackson Political Cartoon

In this political cartoon, Andrew Jackson is standing on top of the constitution inferring that he is above the law. He is also stomping on the constitution saying that he is able to get away with anything that he wants to. He is dressed up like a king in the cartoon inferring that he can rule anything that he wants to. He is also holding up a paper that reads "Veto", which means anything that the government says that he doesn't like he can change.


The Cherokee's View

We deserve justice Jackson! We spent all our time creating a country just for you to push us out of it! You don't even make people work for their jobs, you just hand them out for a simple bribe or a vote. We won the case and you still went on to kick us out that is low. Nobody likes you Jackson, your rude and don't play fair.

The Southerner's View

Thank you Jackson! Finally you did something right to get those pesky natives out. Jackson you are the best, you give us free jobs and who cares about those natives dying in the Trail of Tears. As long as we have more land everything is amazing.