The D-day Invasion by Sea

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How much did it take to pull off?

In order to pull off the D-day sea invasion it took a total of 5,000 ships 11,000 airplanes and over 150,000 service men for the invasion of the 5 Normandy beaches code named, gold, Juno, sword,Utah, and Omaha.

General information on the D-day invasion

Tuesday, June 6th 1944 at 7am


The D-day invasion was the key battle in World War Two fought by the United States, the United kingdom, Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Greece, France, Norway, New Zealand, and Czechoslovakia. This battle was choreographed by Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill and led by the allied supreme commander General Dwight .D. Eisenhower. The American troops had resided to attack the more fortified beaches of Utah and Omaha while the British troops landed at gold, Juno, and sword. The allies managed to win the battles on all the beaches although they suffered over 9,000 casualties. This victory aloud the allied powers to gain a foot hold in western Europe.