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Updates from Manassas Park Middle School - 9/21/2018

Week 4 Complete!

The 4th week of school has come and gone, and we have had lots of excitement! Middle School fall sports is in full competition, with our Boys Soccer winning their first game this week and Volleyball, Track, and Football having their first matches against other schools.

In the classroom we had students doing all kinds of things like developing their own fossils in science class, creating video reflections on post civil-war society in Virginia, and finalizing safety procedures in Family Consumer Science. Take some time this weekend and ask your child what the best part of the week was and let that teacher know their answer!

Upcoming Big Things!

Monday, 9/24: 5 pm - Girls Volleyball and Boys Soccer vs Metz MS @ MPMS!

Monday, 9/24: 7 pm - Superintendent's Listening Tour @ MPHS Commons

Wednesday, 9/26: 5 pm - Boys Soccer and Girls Volleyball vs Reagan MS @ MPMS!

Thursday, 9/27: 5 pm - Football vs Stonewall MS @ Stonewall MS

Friday, 9/28: Interims posted! Check PowerSchool for a fully updated gradebook.

New Pictures from Teacher Twitter Accounts! Follow them for more updates!

Questions? Suggestions? Come talk with Dr. McDade!

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Meet a new face @ MPMS! Ms. Piccoli!

Welcome Ms. Piccoli!

Ms. Piccoli is our new Art teacher, coming to Manassas Park from her hometown in West Milford, New Jersey! She can be found in the parent loop before school and in the Art classroom or Electives pod during class time. She is on twitter as @ms_piccoli and posts her daily inspirational quotes called #wordsofawesome both on her twitter and on her whiteboard outside her classroom.

Quick Facts about Ms. Piccoli:

-Attended Monmouth University

-Majored in Art Education K-12

-Likes to watch Netflix on the weekends

-Enjoys watching college football (Go Clemson Tigers!)

-Loves to paint in her free time

When you see her in the building or at a school sporting event, please welcome Ms. Piccoli to Manassas Park!

Have you completed your Free/Reduced meals application?


Free and Reduced meals are available to qualifying families based on household income. This is an annual program, meaning you must reapply every year in order to take advantage of this benefit. (Link is to the application information page of our website.)

Free meals mean your student receives both breakfast and lunch for free for the 2018-19 school year.

Reduced meal prices are $0.30 for breakfast and $0.40 for lunch for the 2018-19 school year.

The application is open and available for ALL families to see if they qualify, but if the paperwork is not completed in the first 30 days of school, all meals charged to start the school year will be billed as full price. Submit your application today!

Lost and Found This Week!

We have more new items in the lost and found this week.

If these items below are yours, please claim it in the main office!

If items go two weeks without being claimed they will be donated or discarded.

Connect with us on Twitter!

Weekly newsletters are great, but if you would like daily updates and pictures of the great things happening at Manassas Park Middle School, follow @MpMiddle on Twitter!

There are also a number of teachers who are showing off what's going on in class on Twitter. Check us out!

A response to one quick question - Why all the Twitter?

Feel free to skip this if it does not interest you, but I was asked by a parent recently why the middle school was making such a push toward using twitter. As a parent of a soon to be 2 year old, my daycare includes an app that allows me to know what he's eating, how his day is going, and how he is feeling. While the text updates are great, every single time a picture of my son came into my feed (about once a week) of him going about his day independently away from me, it absolutely made me smile. I would think about him and how proud I was of him being able to enjoy daycare and doing fun activities that help him learn.

So upon meeting the teaching staff at MPMS, I shared that same feeling about regular photo updates on what is happening in school and while we do not have a dedicated app, twitter is a perfect vehicle for us to upload the great work that is being done by our students every single day. As a school principal, I have the absolute joy of walking from classroom to classroom and seeing great educators doing amazing work with wonderful children on a daily basis. However, I know that very few parents ever get the opportunity to see their kids in school being independent, inquisitive, and engaged in learning - things that we see in school see all the time.

So, I asked the teachers to create a professional twitter account on a voluntary basis and tweet out what's happening in class. Just showing our children learning and doing what the lesson plan expects from them.

I have been so happy with the tweets from teachers. Every day there are updates from different teachers and classrooms showing the diverse learning experiences that occur at MPMS. You can see children experiencing instruction with technology, reading books, engaging in wild science experiments, or learning how to operate as a team. It has even showed me (who is in classrooms all the time) amazing things that are occurring I would not have otherwise seen.

So... please make a twitter account for yourselves. Follow @MpMiddle (and @MPCSVA) and use that as a gateway to see our teachers accounts. I promise you'll enjoy the teaching and learning we do every day, and if you happen to see your child in a post, I hope it makes your day! (As it always made mine when seeing my son doing his activities in day care.)

I hope to see you liking our posts in the future!