What's Happening, Tate?

May, 2021

Dear Families,

The end of the year is fast approaching!

This last month will go very quickly. We have many fun events to look forward to and some unique academic opportunities.

Fun Events

  • May 28th we are planning an “End of the Year” Party. On that Friday afternoon, we will dismiss classes at noon to enjoy a few hours outside listening to music, enjoying a catered lunch and playing games. We have an obstacle course reserved as well. If your student does not want to participate they may leave early. However, busses will not pick up until 2:15. We hope everyone will stay and enjoy some stress free time together.

  • On Friday, June 4th, we will hold the Senior Awards Assembly and have another BBQ lunch in honor of our graduating seniors. This is the seniors last day of school and after lunch they will hold graduation practice at the Englert Theatre at 1:00pm. The 9-11th graders will go to their afternoon classes.

  • Graduation will be held on Thursday June 10th at 7:00pm. Space is limited so we will be live-streaming this ceremony so friends and family can be a part of this exciting night.

  • The last day of school for 9-11th graders who are earning all A’s, B’s and C’s will be Wednesday June 9th with school ending at 12:00. At 11:30 am we will hold the 3rd Trimester Awards Assembly and then dismiss after lunch. The last two days of school will be reserved for students who have failing grades only.

Academic Opportunities

During the month of May, many students are taking advantage of extra makeup work provided to them for courses they flunked during Trimester 1 and 2 by working with teachers during WWT. Please encourage your student to complete this work to clear up any failing grades from this year.

Any senior who is in jeopardy of not passing and needs additional academic support is expected to report to school beyond the last day for seniors and can stay until June 11th at 12:00.

The last day for all 9-11th graders is Wednesday June 11th at 12:00. The last two days of the school year June 10th and 11th will be reserved for students who have failing grades only. Those two half days from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm will be time for those students who are failing and need to receive 1:1 academic support.

Online summer school will be happening at Tate during the month of June. We will have teachers available for students who would like to complete classes online. More information to follow.

Lastly, do not forget that the hours you work over the summer will count towards your elective credits, so save those pay stubs!

Questions or Concerns

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the office, we want to support you and your student in any way possible. 319-688-1080

Big picture

special shoutout to Ms. Hoffman for taking this beautiful shot of Tate in front of a fall sky! :D

Important Dates:

  • Fri, May 28: End of the Year Party. Classes dismissed at noon (more info above)
  • Mon, May 31: Memorial Day. No School
  • Fri, June 4: Last day for Seniors. Cap/gown pickup 9am-12:30pm
  • Fri, June 4: Senior Awards Ceremony 11:15am
  • Fri, June 4: Senior Graduation Rehearsal @ Englert Theater 1-2pm
  • Wed, June 9: 9th-11th Grade Awards Ceremony
  • Thu, June 10: Graduation 7pm @ Englert Theater
  • Fri, June 11: Last day of school

At Tate, We honor C.O.R.R. Values:


Ms. Curry's outdoor classroom

April came and finally brought some warm weather to Iowa City.

Not wasting any time embracing the change, Ms. Curry set up an "outdoor classroom" on the patio outside her door. It was plenty sunny--as you can tell from all the squints!

Here pictured are Lisa Nowotny, Princeton McKinney, Lakeisha Chambers, David Torres and Lauren Carter.

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Big picture
Big picture
Big picture
Big picture

- caring - ownership - respect - responsibility -

If you didn't know:

Tate's 3 Tiered PBIS Support System

Did you know Tate uses a 3 tiered system of supports to help students with their academics, behavioral habits, mental health and other needs? Tier 1 supports are given to all students. Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports are given to small groups of students or individual students for a more tailored plan.

At Tier 1 all students in the school participate in our orientation which informs them of our CORR Values (Caring, Ownership, Respect, and Responsibility), Warrior Worktime, and our Student Advisory Center's (SAC) interventions and supports.

At Tier 2 and Tier 3, small groups of students or individual students are given more specialized interventions and supports. These include creating goals for students and teachers to focus on in class, checking in with the student daily to see if they need any food, providing mental health supports, or just creating a better relationship with teacher and staff.

In addition at Tier 2 and Tier 3 staff supports students by having them use our Tate Pantry, organizing transportations, helping with appointments, providing access to therapy and other areas of need.

By providing three tiers of support Tate is able to assist all students with their academic, behavioral, mental health needs and other needs

PBIS points: April

Every day, Tate staff award virtual "PBIS points" to students showing CORR values.

Students are also given a "Mission of the Week". This can be a goal to show a specific CORR value throughout the week such as showing Responsibility for being to class on time or showing Ownership by staying on task in class. Students are acknowledged with "PBIS tickets" that function the same as virtual points.

Points can be turned into the store at lunch for extra snacks and drinks or saved up for bigger prizes like Warrior merchandise.

PBIS points given in April

Big picture
In April, over 2,700 PBIS points were given out!

Ownership continued its reign as the most popular CORR value rewarded. Responsibility, Caring and Respect followed behind in that order.

- caring - ownership - respect - responsibility -

Student Voice

In an effort to include more student-made content in What's Happening, Tate?, Ms Gibson's Ethnic Studies: Identity, Power, Privilege class will be sharing pieces of work throughout the year in a new section dubbed "Student Voice."

Recently, her students were asked to reflect on and invent their own version of Rodolfo Gonzalez's Yo Soy Joaquin, an epic poem published in 1972 during the civil rights' "Chicano" movement of that era.

Please enjoy the following two works from sophomore Nasi'r Patton and junior Grace Morrison.

. . . . .

I am young strong king

Leader of myself and my responsibilities

Who also is a great role model

I was part of a humanize my hoodie presentation

Designed after the year 2004

Whose minds can i change for the better

And why do have more questions than answers

I am one of a kind

I support the lgbtq community, asian community, black community, native american community

Who will be the next president in 50 years from now

I ride with my intuition

I stand here because I have a purpose and experience in life

And now I see a difference

And still I am a stereotyped individual in america

I am the voice for myself

In a country that consider black men as a threat because of the way they dress

In a country that judge women by the way they dress is considered as a slut

I look at the bigger picture in every situation

And see the world differently

I look uniquely handsome

I feel like we really don't exist we’re just a bunch of tetrahedrons roaming around and coming up with new ideas

I always wondered but never got a answer

And why are the most important things kept a secret

I am gonna acknowledge myself for my achievements

Nasi'r Patton

. . . . .

I am a strong independent woman

Who has goals

I support BLM and women's right

I am a daughter

I am a younger sister

I look forward to the future

I enjoy the outdoors

I am a runner

I am an honest

Kind person

Who always has the people they loves backs

I am a white, straight highschooler

I am a hardworker

I am hopeful

Grace Morrison

- caring - ownership - respect - responsibility -

CORR Warrior(s) of the Month

Every month, students caught exuding CORR values will be nominated and voted by staff to be Tate's "CORR Warrior of the Month".

This month we're celebrating 3 students..

Congratulations to this month's winners: Peyton Starbuck, Paige Wood, and Lauren Carter!

Peyton Starbuck

Year in school: Junior

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Mantra: Up the ante or else you'll never win big

Superstitions you have: 7's are always lucky

Show on TV Everyone Should Watch: Home Improvement

Favorite Tate memory: Me and Andrew with shloga in the Tate halls

Dream job: Jet fighter pilot

Nominating staff: It is a pleasure to have Peyton in class. Peyton is a very hard working student with wonderful attendance. He is always happy, a self-starter, completes his work daily, strives to do his best, and engages in friendly conversations with peers and staff. He is a great example of CORR values in and out of the classroom.

Peyton's take: Thank you to all the Tate staff for making the school a place students want to be and Mrs. Jacobsen (yes you Wendy) for making my life all that more enjoyable

Paige Wood

Year in school: Sophomore

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Mantra: Live like your life depends on it

Superstitions you have: I don't have any

Show on TV everyone should watch: Lucifer

Favorite Tate memory: Peaches. That's all I have to say

Dream job: Pharmacist

Nominating staff: Paige always makes an effort to attend school and to complete work in class. She asks clarifying questions and helps others. She's always respectful of everyone and includes others in her conversations. Paige is a positive leader at Tate and wonderful to have in class.

Paige's take: I'm glad to see that all my hard work is being noticed. I like coming to a brand new school with new people. It can be challenging so I like seeing that people who barely know me are noticing all the good things

Lauren Carter

Year in school: Senior

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Mantra: Math is Life

Superstitions you have: None. I just trudge through every day

Show on TV everyone should watch: Psych

Favorite Tate memory: every day

Dream job: Nurse

Nominating staff: Lauren always displays her CORR values at school. She is hard working, respectful, and her work is always exemplary. She is friendly, warm, and brings her best self to school every day

Lauren's take: Thank you all. I just come to school to do the work and hit my goal which is to graduate on time. I definitely wouldn't have been able to do this without you guys!!

- caring - ownership - respect - responsibility -

Staff Spotlight - Ms. Petrie

My Role at Tate: Librarian

I Hail From: Sidney, Montana

My Path to Tate: I was a mother before I was a college student, so my path to college wasn't traditional. No matter your path, though, there are people out there who will support you! So, when my son was four, I went to college in North Dakota to become a teacher, but really always wanted to be a librarian. That's how I ended up at the University of Iowa, in a graduate library program. 27 years later, I'm still a school librarian, and I LOVE IT!!

Favorite day/part of the year: I always loved the first day of school, so fall has typically been my favorite time of year. It always feels like a new beginning to me.

Someone who inspires me: I'm inspired by people who have the courage to farm according to traditional methods. It takes a lot of knowledge to grow food, and raise animals humanely and sustainably. I'm inspired by folks who take the risks and do the hard work of putting food on our tables.

Catch me on the weekends doing: I love to learn about plants that support bees, birds, and butterflies, so lately, I've spent long hours gardening on the weekends. I also really love goats, so it's fun to spend time at my friend's farm. The baby goats that were born this spring are adorable!

What I would tell 16 year old me: I spent too much time in high school trying to be someone I was not. I would tell my 16-year-old self to trust my gut and hang out with the geeky kid who isn't that popular, because 40 years later, it turns out I have everything in common with that geeky kid! :-)

My most important CORR value: All of these values are so closely related, but I would choose CARING. We don't always have to agree with each other, but if we care for each other, everything will be alright.

"We don't always have to agree with each other, but if we care for each other, everything will be alright."

-Ms. Petrie

Staff Spotlight - Mr. Kinney

My Role at Tate: I teach Learning Support and Art Forms.

I Hail From: Iowa City

My Path to Tate: After graduating from UI with a degree in Art Education I found my first job teaching Junior High Art in Arizona. After a year of living out West I was ready to return to the Midwest and found a job as a high school art teacher in the Twin Cities at Spring Lake Park High School, where taught for 5 years. In 2008 I moved back to Iowa City to begin an MA in Special Education at U of I and began teaching Art and Special Education at Tate High School. Teaching at Tate is my dream job, and I feel so fortunate to be able to work with our staff and students!

Favorite day/part of the year: My favorite part of the year is seeing students receive their awards at the end of each trimester, and of course seeing students and families celebrate at graduation!

Someone who inspires me: I am inspired by every student that overcomes adversity to reach their goal of attaining a diploma!

Catch me on the weekends doing: Flower and vegetable gardening, and going for bike rides with my wife and daughter.

What I would tell 16 year old me: Doing work that benefits others will bring you happiness and fulfillment in life.

My most important CORR value: Caring is the foundation that everything else relies upon.

"Caring is the foundation that everything else relies upon.

-Mr. Kinney

Go warriors! Have a mighty good May