Deforestation is a bigger problem then we realize!

Here's what causes deforestation.

People think they can go where ever they want and chop down trees which in some cases is breaking the law if its not your property or the tree is endangered DON'T CHOP DOWN THE TREE! Most of the time people chop down the trees for fuel which is still a top choice for fuel. Wild fires are the leading cause to deforestation so when having fires be careful. You can help slow down Deforestation by using this strategy. You have the power to put pressure on companies that have bad environmental policies. By buying recycled or certified wood products, only supporting brands with zero deforestation policies. Issues that Deforestation brings us is erosion in soil and lose of nutrients in it. With no trees there's no shade so the moisture in the soil gets dried up which makes it lose its nutrients which kills plants and eventually causes erosion. This endangers our plants and with loss of trees means that animals are also losing their habitat which endangers animals and some of them die which could endanger there species or make them extinct.

Issues Deforestation brings.

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