The GUARDian

Notes specific to the Jaguar Guard 9.20.21

SHOW Hair and Makeup

Big thanks to those of you who were able to make it out to Saturday's hair clinic! Thanks again to Rebecca Ojeda (also known as Maya's mom ;-), owner of Salon One 12, for coming out and bringing members of her team with her to show us pointers on how to get our best look!

Friendly reminder that Mr. Duffy had asked the team members to come up with their characters and their character's story for the "Young Person's Guide to the Neitherworld" show. The character and the story that they come up with should provide the inspiration for their hairstyle. The members that attended the clinic on Saturday discovered first hand how helpful that story is to figuring out your hairstyle! Ask them and they will tell you!

Don't forget that we have started a Pinterest board that you can see for inspiration at


IMPORTANT: Chosen hairstyles must be an updo but can vary in style and can include hair pieces that match the style of the show. This will be the look they use for all performances (games and competitions) starting with this Friday, 9/24 @ Lehman game.

Guard members (and/or their parents) will need to learn how to style their own hair for future game days and upcoming competitions. Make sure to plan that out! It can be that your hair is done before you even come to the band hall! Do it before you come to band hall on competition day and wear a scarf or other item to hold the hair until it is time to get ready for performance! Come to the band hall in curlers!

Plan in advance for whatever you need to do to make sure you are ready with show hair when it is show time!

We will not be able to host another hair clinic but if you would like help with learning how to style your hair:

  1. Team members can reach out to their older team members for assistance, and/or
  2. Parents who would like help with learning how to style their child's hair can reach out to guard moms at

Remember to get all the hair products that Rebecca coached us on at the clinic, hair gel, chop sticks?, teasing brush (if needed), rubber bands, bobbie pins, combs, and hair spray. (and hair accessories if you are using them)


Mr. Duffy has made it clear that there will NOT be multiple colors. Every guard member will do the same eye makeup.

Please know that our own guard member, Sara Estrada, will be sharing with the team and parents a picture of how the makeup will look and a video of how to apply it! Her information will also include what color eyeshadows your child will need. What we know right now from Mr. Duffy is that it will be "mostly purple with a hint of silver and only a dash of green".

Things members are NOT allowed to do with makeup:

  • NO to looking dead
  • NO to pale complexion - just use regular foundation that matches face color
  • NO to blood or scars

He made it clear that this isn't a horror show!


Some of you had asked about hair accessories such as ribbons for braiding fabric. Mr. Duffy said yes BUT the fabric must by in grey or black only!

It is our understanding that the officers were informed that members can use the mini top hat hair accessory.

Whatever your final hairstyle, Mr. Duffy wants you to know that it can NOT be a low pony - hair must be up and not on the collar "AT ALL!!!!"

Names MUST be placed on ALL purchased uniform items (not JHS tunics)


PLEASE MAKE SURE that your child has his/her name on clothing and shoe items. We do not have an inventory of jazz shoes, sneakers, capris, black shirts, or their soon to be issued body wrappers and new summer uniform outfits. They will also soon receive their competition costume and those are irreplaceable!

If your child misplaces a uniform item without a name on it, chances are they will not get it back and then will impact the performance of the guard as a whole.

We recommend using a paint pen (silver or gold shows up well) or a silver sharpie. Write initials on the inside instep or side of foot of shoes (if you write on the bottom it will get rubbed off by their heels), inside gloves, and inside clothing items.

Guard member dismissal = 1) turning in uniform, and 2) cleanliness of guard and dressing rooms


Thanks to all of you for doing a better job with the dressing room last week! We still had a few officers and members that did some cleaning up after you all so let's make sure to improve again this week!

I will be making sure I have the help of GUARDians to make ensure that guard members are not be dismissed to go home until:

  1. Uniform is properly hung and turned in on game and competition days, and
  2. They have picked up all of their items (and trash) from the guard and dressing rooms. Please see the pictures below that shows the guard room and the dressing room after the last game. The pictures make it apparent that the items left belong primarily to guard members. Names will be taken and will result in demerits.

We know everyone wants to go home as quick as possible so please encourage your child to make sure to clean up after themselves as the only way to ensure they go home quickly is for everyone to clean up after themselves.

Thank you!

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