Posiedon and Athena

This is how the Tsunami was born

Poseidon, god of the sea, fell in love with Metis, goddess of wisdom. She has a daughter, Athena, who received the trait of wisdom also. She naturally gained the power of art. She loved art. Metis’s now ex-husband, Zeus, god of all gods and goddesses, was just not the right man for her. Although, Athena loved her father very much. Even though Poseidon lived in the sea of wonders near the coast of Japan, that didn’t stop him from marrying the lady of his dreams. So he put a special spell on them to allow them to breathe underwater while getting to the special cave, but still being able to breathe on land to.

Athena became very angry. She didn’t want any of this. Everything was all wrong. It was weird having to be able to breathe under water, having to sit in the chariot for 3 hours to get to Mount Olympus for school, and most of all she missed her father, her real father. One day she had to tell Metis.

“Mom!” she cried. “What Athena, what’s the matter?” asked Metis. “What’s wrong? Did you just ask me what’s wrong? Well, let’s see…… EVERYTHING! Why did you have to marry this loser? He’s just a fool; he doesn’t know anything about us! I just want my real dad back!” Athena screamed. “I’m sorry Athena, life is better for us here. You’re staying here and that’s final!” Metis shouted. ”Mo—“”Not another word Athena” interrupted Metis. At that moment Athena was furious, she knew what she had to do. She would do anything to make Poseidon mad. Therefore on her upcoming test she tried to get every question wrong even though she knew all the answers. She marked the wrong answer on almost every question. She made a 43.When she got back to the cave she showed Poseidon. He was infuriated! “Athena! Why did you make a 43 on a test! You’re the goddess of wisdom for heaven sake! I am very unhappy with you!” Poseidon roared. “Yes!” Athena mumbled under her breath.

Poseidon took his trident and sprung it into the wall. Above, waves rolled into something massive. They splashed into the immortal country of Japan. It fills the country with 5 feet of water. It rips buildings off of its foundation. People tried to run but it was too late. Poseidon and Athena don’t know what they have done. The devastating tragedy lasted for weeks. Soon the water flushed back into the sea bringing rubble, trash, and even dead people with it. They called it a tsunami.

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So now every time Athena comes home with a bad grade, a tsunami will form. This will occur at least once every 10 years. The tsunami that hit Japan killed an estimate of about 232 people dead and maybe even more counting the ones that were flushed into the sea. This is how the tsunami was born.