Fable For Blackboard

George Starbuck


George Starbuck lived from 1931-1996. He was born in Columbus, Ohio, attended the University of California, University of Chicago, and Harvard university. He spent two years in the Military Police Corps.

The Poem

Here is the grackle, people.

Here is the fox, folks.

The grackle sits in the bracken. The fox


Here are the fronds, friends,

that cover the fox.

The fronds get in a frenzy. The grackle


Here are the ticks, tykes,

that live in the leaves, loves.

The fox is confounded,

and God is above


Interpretation of key lines

I think the first stanza of this poem is the most important. I say this because I feel as if it introduces the two main focuses of the poem, the grackle and the fox which the poem later goes on to talk about.


I really do not think this poem has a theme, I feel as if it was written without any purpose. There may be a theme, but I cannot find one.
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