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SCENTsations JULY Newsletter


Carol Link, Amber Keller, Megan Schroeder, Holly Kulish, Samantha Jennings, Jennifer Everitt, and myself are headed to St. Louis this week for Scentsy's 10th Annual Family Reunion! Keep your eyes peeled to the facebook page for lots of posts! If you are not a member of the facebook group please join today!!


Couldn't make it to Scentsy Family Reunion, but wanna see all the stuff and get the at the next team meeting July 17th at Brick City! in Clermont! Our team going to the Scentsy Family Reunion will be back to share about all the new products and what they have learned! We are going to do this while we make and take books! My gift to all that come is a copy of the new fall catalog!

Bring a pack of legal sized laminating sheets and together we will laminate and bind your book to prepare for the fall selling season! As well as tell stories, ask questions, and of course laugh a lot!! See you on July 17th! We will start working on books at 5:30pm, but just comes when it works best for you! It takes a little bit to put the books together so you can start whenever you get there!


This is the last one this calendar year!! YAY! Work hard and push through it!! We will survive! This month Scentsy Family has given us some promotional things to help with sales...Promote Bring Back My Bars scentsy and promo deal and the Grace Adele Sale!

Next month is a transition month. What does that mean? 10% off most items in the current Scentsy catalog!!

It's not to late to get started on the JULY calendar! This can help you get going!

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P&P Review

It is so so important to make sure that you stay on top of the policies and procedures....this is your responsibility as a consultant. These are always located in the resource tab on your workstation. Policies and procedures are only created to make things function properly and to ensure all consultants are working from the same standards. Below is a quick reference to what is and is not okay for advertising free shipping.
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New Family Members!! Welcome to the family ladies!! We are so glad to have you on our team!

Yvonne Kleppe

Heather Zweibohmer

Remember we are all here to support you, so please ask if you have questions!

The Leader Club (1,000 or more)

Nobody got this for May, but Michelle Schnick was determined to get her name here for June and she did it! Way to go Michelle!!

Welcome To The 500 CLUB!!! (500-999 PRV)

Yvonne Kleppe

Janet Geissinger

Carol Link

Megan Schroeder

Jessie Bushman

The ACTIVE CLUB!!! (150-499 PRV)

Casey Bollman

Carrie Sikkink

Kimberlie Tracy

Pam Burnikel

Melanie Engen

Roberta Gramentz-Brockway

Rennae Collins

Wendy Dundee

Terry Krueger

Jasmine Sweeney

Christopher Spies

Ashlee Johanningmeier

Nichole Steffens

Jennifer Pattison

Tiffany Reaves

Sarah Holbach

Ami Lentz

Annette Kirby

Lindsay Hawkins

Samantha Jennings

Stacy Sprague

Kelsey Vlazny

Desiree Kregel


No promotions for JUNE :( Let's see how many we can add to this group in July!


July's challenge: Sell 5 BBMB Bundles! Prizes give to all those complete it and who respond on the Facebook thread!! Now don't stop at 5 there will be a big prize going to whoever sells the most bundles!!! Make sure you comment with the number you have sold!!! Let's do this!!!
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Stephanie Ann Arlt

our forever angel...

Stephanie will be honored on the memorial wall at Scentsy Family Reunion!!

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