Pānui Hararei - Holiday Update

Gladstone School - 15th October 2021

Te Karere a te Tumuaki - Principal's Message

Kia ora e te whānau (hi friends & family).

We are looking forward to seeing students back at school on Monday. Term 4 is always a busy one and we will be hard at work delivering final sections of the curriculum for the current academic year. Teachers will be using assessments from term 3 to target their teaching towards any gaps and areas of need over the next 9 weeks. Student reports will be coming home on Monday the 13th of December, school finishes on Wednesday the 15th of December.

Look out for transition information for students moving from Year 3 to Year 4, and also those moving from Year 6 to Year 7 in the next few weeks. We anticipate being able to answer all of your questions on the move to a new syndicate early this term.

Reminder that we have a staff only day on Friday the 22nd of October - 'Pause, Breathe, Smile Health & Wellbeing' programme professional development. This programme is being implemented at the start of 2022. School will be closed for instruction on Friday the 22nd of October. Monday the 25th of October is Labour Day, school will also be closed on this date.

Please see further down the page reminders from the MoE about coming onsite, links to the recent Tui Ridge Camp & BoT feedback forms, details about the cancellation of Pet Day, information about the Scarecrow Fair & FoGS fundraising. Decisions regarding the Fair are being made on Wednesday the 20th of October.

Kia pai tō mutunga wiki (have a good weekend),

Belinda Bunny

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Scarecrow Fair Update

Gladstone Scarecrow Competition 2021 “Superstitions”

It’s great to see the scarecrows starting to pop up around the district. Here is the link to enter this year’s competition https://forms.gle/s1De272AqmKpEdJC7 , which can take place under all alert levels. Each scarecrow entry will go in the draw to win a family prize and we will also be awarding an overall supreme winner! Anyone can enter – the more the merrier!

Scarecrow Raffle Tickets

Reminder to return your raffle tickets to school, crediting the FOGS raffle account (12-3290-0004707-50) or sending cash to the School office with the raffle books sold. As always, there will be a prize for the family who sells the most tickets! Please contact Alexandra King on 021 0884 3688 if you would like more tickets to sell. If you are unable to sell the tickets, please return them to the School ASAP.

Scarecrow Auction Items and Prizes

Next Wednesday 20 October, FOGS will be meeting to make a final call on whether we continue to plan the fair for 13 November this year. If we are unable to host the fair on this date, we plan to set up an online auction in place of the annual live Midday Monster Auction. If you know anyone that would like to contribute an auction item or scarecrow prize, please contact Ang Falloon on 0292008196.

Reminder - School Hoodies

Unfortunately the printing on many of the hoodies purchased has come off. Please send the hoodies (named or with a sticker/piece of paper attached to the garment) into school on the first day back, and we will organise to have them reprinted at no cost. We apologise for this.

We have been in talks with NZ Uniforms and they are going to pick up the supply of school hoodies. When they are ready, you will be able to purchase them any time either in store or online from NZ Uniforms. We are also looking at a sports-fabric, breathable polo option. Once the designs are back from NZ Uniforms, we will share them with you. The current fleece and polo options will still be available - we are increasing the choice you have over garments.

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Tui Ridge Rotorua Ōnoke Camp Feedback

Please send in your feedback - both parents who went on the camp and those who's child went on the camp. Your feedback enables us to plan and prepare for future camps.

2021 BoT Community Survey

If you haven't done so already, please take a few minutes over the holidays to complete our 2021 BoT Survey - the link is above.

MoE (Ministry of Education) Reminders

For parents conducting student pick-ups and drop-offs, these should occur in an outdoor environment where face coverings must be worn, and physical distancing measures retained.

Parents, whānau and caregivers are not required to be vaccinated or tested in order to pick up or drop off children.

Alert Level 2 While there is discretion in what you may do at Alert Level 2 (subject to meeting public health requirements), we encourage you to consider adopting a similar stance to government decisions more generally – that is, take a precautionary approach when deciding whether to host a gathering or large event.

Any event or activity that brings people on to the school site who are not there for education purposes, including students, parents and caregivers, will need to have the rules for gatherings applied. ‘Education purposes’ means delivery of your curriculum. However, even if your event is considered to be for education purposes, unless it is really necessary to give effect to the curriculum, we recommend you avoid such events until Alert Level 1. An example of this is prizegivings – though they are an important aspect of school life, they are not a curriculum requirement. In lieu of holding a prizegiving or another event in person, you may choose to hold a virtual event.

Pet Day - Alternative Arrangements

This year we are not able to have Pet Day here at school due to Covid Level 2 restrictions. We know that many of you have been working hard with your pets and ideas for sand trays. So that you can still share your pets and sand trays with the school and wider community we have put together this optional opportunity to do so.

This is an optional, at home activity for those who want to - no prizes, just a bit of fun for those who are keen over the next 13 days to share their efforts (due Monday evening the 25th - Labour Day).

There are 3 categories 1. Sand tray. 2. Pet video. 3. Dress up your pet or your bike photo.

  1. Sand tray: Create a mini scene on a tray. Take a photo or make a video of you talking about your scene. No theme.

  2. Pet video: Take a video, or ask a friend, sibling, parent… to film you leading, holding, sitting with, riding your pet. Tell us your pet's name and a bit about how you look after it. No longer than 2 minutes.

  3. Dress up your pet or your bike photo: Take a photo of your pet dressed up or decorate your bike and send that in for us to look at.

Do as many categories as you like, or none at all. Totally not compulsory just for those kids who want to do something and share it with the wider community.

Upload your efforts into the linked folder - please note it will be shared on FB, Insta, the app & via email so if you’re not keen to be on social media, this is not the activity for you. If you have trouble uploading to google drive, please email through your files to principal@gladstone1.school.nz and we will upload them for you.

Student Online Pet Day Sharing 2021 Folder

You have the rest of the holidays, teacher only day, 2 weekends and Labour Day to do something if you would like to - we can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

  • School Holidays: Sat 2 October - Sun 17th October.
  • Staff Only Day: Friday 22nd October (Pause, Breathe, Smile Professional Development). School Closed.
  • Labour Day: Monday 25th October
  • Scarecrow Fair: Saturday 13th November
  • Individual Photos (Belinda Pratt): Wednesday 27th November
  • Times Age Sports Awards: Now Monday 15th November.
  • Production: Week 7 of Term 4 (Tues 30th Nov - Thurs 2nd Dec) 'live' if at Level 1, 'filmed' if at level 2/3.
  • Final Assembly: Friday 10th December
  • Year 8 Leavers Dinner: Tuesday 14th of December
  • Prizegiving Assembly & Year 8 Leavers: Wednesday 15th December

Dates Still To Be Confirmed (sometime in Term 4 if alert levels allow).

  • Kapa Haka Festival
  • Greats & Grands
  • Principal's Outing for Term 3 & 4
  • Whānau Helpers High Tea

Reminder: Wairarapa Schools Photography Competition - An At Home Optional Task

All students are invited to enter one photo per category for the Photo competition. This will be an optional activity that students can do at home if they would like to. Please email photos to Mrs Douglas by Tuesday 19 October (First Tuesday of week 1, Term 4) so they can be judged. Winning entries will then be sent through to the Wairarapa Photography Competition. Please read the rules section carefully below. Photos must be 1MB, please do not take photos on chrome books or Ipads. For more information about the Photo competition please click here. Any questions please let Mrs Douglas know.

The photography entry categories are;

  • Food – can include food growing (e.g.fruit trees, crops), macro (close up), food for sale (supermarket, markets), food for the family, food at the table, food preparation, Providing food is the main focus people can be in the photo.
  • Architecture – can include building exteriors, interiors, buildings in use (e.g. museums, libraries), shelters, greenhouses – any structure that has been built. Providing the architecture is the main focus people can see in the photo.

Entry levels for each category are:

    • Years 1 and 2
    • Years 3 and 4
    • Year 5 and 6
    • Year 7 and 8


    • Only 1 entry in each category per student.
    • Entries must be taken by the student.
    • All entries must be a photo taken in 2021.
    • Written permission must be obtained for use of personal images. E.g. portraits. This information must be held by the school.
    • Image size must be at least 1 MB. This will make images reproducible. Photographs must be saved in jpeg file format.
    • Images can be submitted in colour or black and white.
    • Images can be cropped but cannot be digitally altered in any other way.
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Scarecrow Fair Plant Stall

Spring has finally arrived, and with only five more weeks until the fair it’s time to get potting! There will be a stack of pots outside the school office, so help yourself if you’re planning on spending some time in the garden over the holidays. Contact Kat on 022 425 7760 if you need some potting mix or would like a hand with potting up. Any and all plants sell well - indoor plants, herbs, fruit and veges, natives, grasses, perennials or annuals - we’ll take any you can spare!

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