By: Blair Miller

Sahara Desert

  • One place your going to wonder, '' what happened to this lifeless ecosystem? Why is there so many animals and not people"? That is what im going to show you.
  • Opportunities are that you can find salt there in some point. You can get some salt and sell it for some good money
  • Challenges are that there is no or very very rare water source. There is barely any people at all.
  • travel tips: Watch out for the animals, they turn hostile because of lack of food. Don't touch the plants.
  • packing list: Bring warm clothing at night, bring summer clothing at day. Bring a weapon if a animal attacks you.

Hawaii Manua Loa Volcano

In 1984 the great Manua Loa erupted and destroyed life on the mountain. Since then, the volcano never erupted and life has been coming back to the mountain. When it erupted, the mountain blew its top off, witch made ash and magma go down the now volcano.

  • Opportunities: The ash from the volcano is good farming because of the nutrients.
  • Challenges: Volcanoes could burn down your house or your village or town. Volcanos destroy crops and causes fires.
  • Travel tips: The reddish yellowish liquid will burn you if you git to close. STAY AWAY FROM THAT LIQUID.
  • Packing list: Heavy duty boots. Thick pants and thick sweat shirt.

Savanna Plains

I saved the best for last! The best place to go and witness the pure awesomeness of this place. The ecosystem and the food chain is amazing and all the animals in it. Personally I love this place.

  • Opportunities: Farm and build homes and cities on the land.
  • Challenges: Might put rare or non rare species into endangerment or extinction.
  • Travel tips: Watch out for lions and the animals that have big teeth.
  • Packing list: Shorts, mud boots (if needed), tennis shoes, t-shirt.

How humans separate the earth.