By:Tyler scully


Have you ever wondered were the pilgrims?The pilgrims are English and England was there home.The pilgrims lived in the new world.The pilgrims lived in cabins and sometimes houses,they would make the cabins out of wood.The pilgrims would make there own houses are cabins.

Were the pilgrims lived

The pilgrims spoke english and were from england. The pilgrims lived in the new world.If there was a pilgrim guy,they never rest.The pilgrims would make there own houses.They lived in houses and cabins back then.They made there houses out of wood from tree's.

What boat did the pilgrims sail in

The pilgrims sailed in the Mayflower in 1738.They also took the plymonth harbor.Next,they took the cad cope.They also took the new world boat when the new world came.Finally,they also would take the separatist.

Tools the pilgrims used

The pilgrims used alot of sharp and heavy tools.The Pilgrims used hoes to dig in the dirt.They used shovels to dig in the dirt and the mud.They used axes to cut down trees down.Finally,they used fire wood to make warm fire's.


The pilgrims survied in the winter by staying in there warm houses.The pilgrims would make warm shelter and warm fire's.The pilgrims would hunt for amimals for warm blankets and warm clothes.Finally,the pilgrims also hunted for animals for food.The pilgrims used that leather that they got and used it for a coat.


cabin-A small,simple houses made of wood.

houses-The people who lives in a house

pilgrims-One of the people who traveled by boat from England and created the first permanent settlement in new England at plymonth in 1620.


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