Alex Lin

By:Samey Sebtow period 6

The savior of electronic wastes

"Our interest is to build up financial technology in Asia and capitalise on the financial boom in Singapore and Shanghai."

Early life

Alexander Lin is a 16 year old Rhode island kid who turns local e-waste into global resources. Lin’s father, Jason, 47, an engineer who served as the team’s mentor. lin has successfully lobbied the Rhode Island state legislature to ban the dumping of electronics. This 16-year-old first learned about the environmental problems associated with e-waste after stumbling upon a 2004 Wall Street Journal article on the subject.He's used refurbished computers to create media centers in developing countries like Cameroon and Sir Lanka to foster computer literacy.

Aspects of life

His Passion: Activism

His way to e-waste

When Alex Lin was just eleven years old, he heard in the news about the growing e-waste crisis.E-waste refers to electronic equipment, This equipment often contains toxic heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury. If disposed of improperly, these metals can cause serious human health problems like permanent brain damage, cancer, and damage to the nervous and immune systems.So Alex joined with his friends to hold a recycling drive to collect the buildup of e-waste ,hey contacted the manager of a local recycling company. Because the company stood to gain revenue from breaking down and selling the electronics, the company was happy to send an eighteen-wheeler truck to pick up the electronics that the recycling drive brought in. In a single day, the team collected two full truckloads of e-waste.But Alex knew that a one-day e-waste drive wasn't enough to solve the problem. His team needed to come up with an efficient way to keep a recycling container available to the community at all times.


Alexander Lin is a good example of someone that is a hero because his qualities and ways of thinking shows it all. If it wasn't for him there would have been more of recyclable electronics thrown where ever and whenever which could destroy the community badly. In this case he is the e-waste hero.


American activist who saved the pollution of recyclable electronics, from the world especially his home town Rhode island. Alex Lin is a great inspiration to those who take head.