Yanique's Photo Journalism


PhotoShop Pictures

  • I like the brightness i did to the first picture, also chose this picture because the background got my attention.
  • on the second picture i cropped out Terrence and posted him on another picture, turning out pretty funny do to his swaging.
  • The third picture i love, the true color of the rose got my attention, really wanted to make the background black and white and leave the rose its real color but i failed at doing this.


Photo Journalism was a fun class for me, even though we didn't take much of pictures. (outside) I learned the definitions of elements of competition, how to take better pictures. Got to know the camera better on how it works. Learned somewhat on how to photo shop pictures. the one thing i enjoyed most, was when we would go outside and take pictures of nature, what i did. i always thought this class would be hard but really isn't. if your actually do your work, you will be fine and will be fun to do.
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