Political Science

Undergraduate Newsletter

Important Announcement about Internships and Internship Awards

It is not too late . . .

•You can receive *3 political science credits* for participating in an internship sponsored by the department. You can still receive the credits even if you already have a internship.

•To receive credit, students must contact the internship coordinator (Professor Sandra L. Suárez,

suarez@temple.edu), register for the internship credit for the semester, submit weekly journal entries, and submit a 12-page reflection paper at the end of the internship.

• Competitive awards are available to help fund majors who wish to pursue an internship. Applications for the fall awards are due . Each award is for $1,500. For more information contact: suarez@temple.edu.

• Additional information about political science internships can be found at the following site:

* Internship Opportunities*

• A regularly updated list of internship opportunities can be found here: