The double Eagle has landed

By:Elizabeth Crutchfield


Theme: Keeping a Eagle coin safe that's worth a ton of money.

Moral Life-lesson: Don't always trust everyone you see.

Debatable Opinion: I think that Tim shouldn't have taken that job. He should have gone live with his parents with Nick his younger brother.

Question 1: The theme is don't always trust everyone you see. Someone might be lying or using you.

Question 2: The difference is theme is what the story revolves around the theme though out the whole story. A topic is just like the main topic.

Question 3: The theme is to not trust everyone you see. Tim the detective is not the smartest one of all but he keeps the coin safe and his brother Nick is not so sure about this guy Underwood who owns the coin.

Question 4: If you understand the theme you will get the whole story because the theme goes through out the story.

Question 5: To know what he is in a conflict with. This story is man vs. man!

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