Digital Citezenship

By:Nicolas Graham


don’t text in class or you wont learn much. Don’t text wile crossing the road. Don’t text and drive at the same time. Don’t text and cook you could burn yourself. Don’t text wile taking to a friend it's very rude. texting wile walking on the side walk can kill you. don’t text while eating at the dinner table.

share jumper

Show the video of your friend on the bike to him first before posting it. All kinds of people can see what you post. things can get out of control. Ask your parents if a link is real. If it isn't,then don't click on it. you don't know all the people online so don't talk to strangers on the inter net


Don’t post bad things about somebody else for posting bad things about you. Be an up-stander not a bystander. An up-stander stops bullying a bystander watches. Tell an adult when your being cyber bullied. Cyber bullying is when your being bullied on the internet.

mix n mash

Many people who would never even think about stealing a physical object like a shirt have no problem stealing digital content like music, movies and e books. I do agree that music costs too much and that labels need to find ways to offer it for less. Offering music for less would likely create more honest music buyers. Many people download hundreds of songs. But if they actually had to buy their music, they would probably only buy a small fraction of those songs. It's easy to download music illegally and difficult to get caught.

search shark

Use appropriate language when searching on the internet. Try using a tilde(~) when searching on the internet. When using tildes you get precise answers. Don't type inappropriate things in the search bar. Don't type inappropriate things in the search bar.
Do good things on the internet.