Statutory Rape

age isn't just a number....

It isnt as simple as you thought

Statutory rape is having sexual relations involving someone below the age of consent and a defendant of any age. It is primarily convicted with female victims and male offenders. Most people believe in the stereotype that only older men prey on young female victims; however, there are some cases with male victims. Statutory rape differs from forcible rape because it typically doesn't involve any violence. Forcible rape, unlike statutory rape, typically consists of violence, weapons, and the victim being physically injured. In cases regarding statutory rape consent of the minor is irrelevant, it is still illegal whether or not they wanted it or not

What Can You Do To Help

Often times in many statutory rape cases the victims deal with a tremendous amount of self esteem issues. This causes them to be extremely vulnerable and look towards the offenders in search for attention and love. These issues stem from a deeper issue so it is best to provide the victim with a strong support system. For example, they could begin to go to counseling or simply increase the amount of family time. Also, in some cases the offenders aren't aware of how old their partner is so they get involved with a minor without realizing what they are really getting themselves into. As a result, they are then convicted and registered as a sex offender.


  • About 60% of the female adolescents involved were aged 14 or 15
  • 3 of every 10 statutory rape offenders were boyfriends or girlfriends, while 6 in 10 were acquaintances