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Week 4: Relationships and Communication

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Let's focus on relationships!

In this time of COVID 19, we are challenged with our usual ability to connect with others and continue in the rituals of building and sustaining strong relationships with others. We can no longer engage in the normal rituals that we took for granted just two months ago, including hugs, kisses, pats on the back, and high fives. We are having to learn new ways to connect with people in our lives. At times, this brings a host of other issues including feelings of isolation, grief and loss for an old sense of normalcy, and possibly a host of other mental health symptoms. But as humans we are resilient, and have found other ways to connect and continue to maintain our relationships with others, such as zoom, skype, and old fashioned letters or cards. This week, we plan to intentionally work on relationships and communication with people you love including your parents, children, teachers and other loved ones.

Listening is key to communication. Are you really listening?

"Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply."


Watch this comedic video that illustrates an important point about communication and listening.

It's Not About The Nail

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Family Connection Activity

Complete these family activities to help you and your family build strong communication and relationships.

1. Relationships with Teachers: It is so important to have strong communication with our teachers. To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day and help your child to strengthen their relationship with their teacher, complete one of the activities found here.

2. What Would You Do If...“This can be a really fun and eye-opening game with your older kids and teens. Write on scraps of paper all kinds of “what would you do …” scenarios such as “if you won $1,000?”, or “you could choose to live anywhere in the world you want?” In giving their answers, your kids will have the chance to put their ideas into words and describe their inner thoughts. This activity opens up fun and imaginative conversations, adding another layer to your foundation of good communication with your children.” Find this and other activities from here.

3. Showing love builds relationships: “Talk with children about little things you love about each other. Say, “I love you because . . . ” then finish the sentence. Write one “I love you” statement each day and display in your home. Show children you love them every day and watch them bloom! Try this or one of these fun “family bonding activities” from Sesame Street.

4. Relationships are built with connections. Simply spending time with our children is one of the best ways to build a relationship with them. This week, share with them a plan to do one family activity each day. Use the Family Center’s Virtual Spirit Week activities to connect with your family each day.

Movie Monday: share a photo of a movie you are watching as a family

Tasty Tuesday: share a photo of your PSUSD meal pick up, cooking as a family or share the meal you prepared for yourself

Workout Wednesday: share a photo of getting moving such as having a dance party, exercise, going for a walk or even stretching….anything that gets you moving

Thankful Thursday: share a photo of someone/something you are thankful for.

Fun Friday: wear your school colors and share a photo of doing some fun crafts, watching a movie, reading a book or anything fun.

PSUSD Staff Spotlight

Karen Johnson, Palm Springs Teacher Association President

Building strong relationships starts with getting to know each other. Listening to, and valuing, the beliefs and opinions of others, even if they are vastly different from your own, is a phenomenal step in the right direction.

In these uncertain times, our school and teachers are needed more than ever. Even though many are out of their comfort zones, teachers are doing a wonderful job of making distance learning work. We are fueled by a deep concern for the well being and education of our students.

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