By: Erin Ramsay

Form of Government and Flag

Type of Government: Federation

(Powers are shared between federal and provincial governments)

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Approximate Population: 32.6 Million people

Map of Country

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Canada's largest exports

Oil- $77.8 billion (19 % of total exports)
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Canada's largest Imports

Vehicles: $66.9 billion (16% of total imports)
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Canada Currency

Name of currency: Canadian Dollar

1 Canadian dollar = .77 US Dollar

1 Canadian dollar = 1.55 Belize Dollar

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Graphs related to Canada's economy:

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Trading with Canada

Canada is the number 2 trading partner with the United States. Together they bring in high dollars and revenue to continue to partner together. In 2015 alone, all the money brought in totaled up to $662.7 billion; $337.3 billion in exports and and $325.4 billion in imports. Canada has opened up an enormous amount of opportunities for jobs around the country. Two-way trade in goods and services with the U.S has tripled over the years. The trading bond between the United States and Canada is extremely strong. Also a little fun fact, 9 million U.S jobs depend on trade and investment with Canada.

Canadian Trading Pros and Cons


1) Canada is the 11th largest export economy in the world.

2) Canada has access to a broad variety of foreign-made machinery reflecting their ability to trade goods and service efficiently.


1)Since Canada signed on to NAFTA, Ontario has lost hundreds of thousands of good manufacturing jobs.

2) On the verge of losing their manufacturing base due to "international competition"

How will countries benefit from trading with Canada?

Canada can provide other countries with needed goods and services and their loyalty, as a partner, in future trades.


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