Welcome to the Plum Tree Room!



The Plum Tree room is our infant room.

  • The curriculum in this room focuses on the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of the infants.
  • Infants are read to throughout the day.
  • Music is played regularly.
  • Focus on large and fine motor skills (sitting up, grabbing objects, crawling)
  • Language Communication (creates sounds, respond to own name, or object names)
  • Social skills (cuddling, rocking, playing with toys, interacting with others, mirrors)

The "Ins & Outs" of the Plum Tree Room

What you need to bring;

-small crib sheet (will be sent home on Fridays to be washed)

-several extra changes of clothes (to be kept at TGT)

-bottles (you may leave extra's at TGT)

-either formula or breast milk (all milk and food must be labeled and dated)

-outside gear (we try and take the babies for walks outside)

-diapers, wipes, and ointment (we can do cloth as long as you provide a bag for soiled ones)

-once your baby is ready to begin table foods, TGT will provide those foods

Licensing Rules and Regulations

-1:4 teacher to infant ratio

-Every 3 months we need to complete a written update your babies schedule (sleeping, eating, etc) Please let us know any changes at home.

-Every 6 months we are required to have a "health report form" from your doctor. We can accept the after visit summary. Please turn this into the director every 6 months.

- Babies that have a fever, severe diarrhea, or vomiting are not allowed to attend. You must wait 24 hours after the last sign of a fever. Babies cannot attend if they are on fever reducing medicine.

-Medicine can only be administered if an authorization form is filled out by a parent or legal guardian (this form can only last a week or less).

-Ointment, lip balm, sunscreen, lotions, can be admisitered if an ointment form is signed. (this form can last 6 months)

-Infants are not allowed to sleep with blankets or stuffed toys including nooks with animals attached. We are allowed to swaddle at your request. We are not allowed to prop or elevate a babies head without the written permission from doctor.

How To Make the Transition to TGT Easier for Your Baby!

-One of our goals are for babies to be able to go to sleep on their own. We encourage families not to have a "family bed." Not only is sleeping with your baby a safety issue but it makes it very difficult on your baby to sleep when they are not at home. So for your babies best interest please do not sleep with him/her.

-The Plum Tree room can become noisy at times. We encourage you to make sure there are noises at home too when your baby is sleeping so that sudden noises here will not startle your baby.

-Please communicate any changes in your babies schedule at home. We try and be as consistent as your home schedule.