Staying In-the-Know

with Mrs. Drayton

Dutch Fork Elementary School The Academy of Environmental Sciences, Title I


VIP Folders & Reminders

  • Crossroads Registration form (please return tomorrow, parents keep the yellow copy and return the white copy)
  • Spring photos
  • MAP testing letter
  • weekly work

  • 3/9/18 Cursive pages 44-67 due
  • 3/9/18 Richlex poetry extra credit due
  • 3/13/18 Drayton AM MAP Reading testing
  • 3/15/18 Drayton PM MAP Reading testing

MAP Reminders

Here are a few testing tips:

  • Please be certain your child arrives to school by 8:00 AM each day. Be sure your child is well-rested and ​arrives ​on time.
  • Make sure your child eats a healthy and filling breakfast.
  • Students are not permitted to have any electronic devices during testing. This includes cell phones, calculators and watches with alarms.
  • Encourage your child to do his/her best on both days of testing.
  • Eliminate pressure and send them off with a hug and a smile!
  • No HW on the nights before testing

MAP testing is all working toward your child's individual goals. Remind your child that he or she has been reading all types of texts and implementing tons of strategies to grow as a reader throughout the year. MAP testing is one opportunity to showcase how much your child has grown as a reader.

Visit with Richlex Panel

This was truly an amazing event. Thanks for anyone who was able to attend and celebrate the rich history of our school with us. We were able to take away many lessons from our visitors and the connections they made to the Langston Hughes poetry that was read aloud by our fifth graders. Please continue to have conversations with your young learners about this special day and why education matters to them. Remember, poetry extra credit is due Friday. Please see last week's email about this assignment if you need more details.
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Reading critically and responding to texts

Responding to prompts and claims

Conversations and debates have been used as a strategy to organize our thinking verbally. This has really supported our transition to writing our responses to text. In addition, we have used the RACA acronym to organize our thoughts of paper.

R: respond to the prompt

A: answer the question completely

C: cite evidence to support your thinking

A: add on to your explanation based on what you read

Below you will read some student samples in response to the claim:

Your perspective and attitude determines the quality of your life. Even in tough situations, if you persevere you will be successful. Use what you have learned from primary sources and read alouds to support your response.

Invitation: Review these student samples with you reader. Notice and name how these readers and writers responded to the prompt. What types of details did they include and why? What types of language did they use in their response? How did they explain their own thinking about what they read?

Peyton T

I defend the claim that your perspective and attitude determines the quality of your life. Even in tough situations, if you persevere you will be successful.

In Uncle Jed’s Barbershop, Uncle Jed persevered through losing his money multiple times from having to pay for Sara Jean’s surgery and having the bank lose all of his money. I think he had a great attitude throughout the entire book even though he hit so many hardships and in the end he got what he always wanted. Therefor he was successful when he persevered and had a good attitude.

In our social studies notes it says Franklin Delano Roosevelt had three ways to end the great depression, Relief, Recovery, and Reform. In the end the New Deal (relief, recovery and reform) worked. When Americans persevered during the Great Depression in the end things all worked out. People had jobs, and new systems were made to make sure the great depression would/will never happen again. I think I wouldn’t have survived during the Great Depression because millions of people struggled tremendously and I probably would have complained to much. But like I said before, they persevered through the tough and hard and kept living on.

In Angels in the Dust, Annie and her family had to keep going and keep pushing even if times were tough. Their life during the dust bowl was so hard. Annie and Bessie lost their mom due to dust pneumonia, their house caught on fire because of a drought, and there were huge dust blizzards once every five days. It’s an understatement to say times were hard on them. But they had no choice but to carry on with their lives and make adjustments to what they are normally used to.

One real world example is every single person on any team, in any college, or anything that requires you to try out for/apply to you have to have a positive mindset. If you have worked you hardest on something, push yourself to work harder because that that is when you might start making a team or getting into something. If you go in to a tryout or interview or anything like that and you have a super positive attitude, and you know you’ve tried your hardest eventually you will achieve your goal.

In conclusion I think that when you persevere and have a great attitude you will achieve whatever you are working towards. Like Mrs. Burkett said at our RichLex panel, “If you be your best and try your best, in the end you’ll have success.”

Vanna B.

I refute this claim because you can’t just keep saying this will get better, this will get better for me and it magically will be better. No in the letters that we're sent to the Alabama Governor, they were from families asking for help but no help was ever given. The families kept trying and persevering but still no help. This is an example of how persevering didn't help the families lives. Later when we were learning about the great depression, we reviewed some pictures of struggling people. Again these people needed help, whether it was getting a job, providing for their family, or even eating. Many kept trying to get a job, kept persevering but no one would help them find a job. In the picture Migrant mother there was a widow who had three children. She was sad and confused she couldn't help her children, she kept trying but not much changed. In the richlex program we heard from four panilist that brought stories from their childhood and all of them said “be grateful for what you have.” To me that was saying because you can't always have everything, even if you continue to persevere. In Uncle Jed’s Barbershop Some say Uncle Jed kept trying and reached his goal, he got his barbershop! And I can see why they would say that, but even though he persevered it was just one bad thing after the other that stopped him from reaching his goal. First Sara needed surgery which costed a lot of money, Next his money got taken away. Then when he finally opened his shop he died. He spent his whole life working for one thing and didn't even get to enjoy it for very long. Another example of persevering that didn't work out is sharecropping, NO matter how hard farmers worked to get out of their sharecropping debt it wasn't enough the circle would just go on and on. All of these are reason of how persevering doesn't determine how good your life is all of the people in the pictures wanted to be in better places by persevering but did they get in better places? No. That's why I believe you're attitude changes your life.

Derek S.

I refute this claim because working hard and persevering does not always work off. Just because I have a good attitude and persevere does not mean that everything will come out my way. Let me explain why I refute this claim.

One reason why I refute this claim is president Hoover. President Hoover is a good example because, during the Great Depression Hoover really did try to make things better. Things just didn’t work out for him. That refutes the claim because president Hoover tried to persevere but persevering didn’t work out for him. He tried his best but he could not succeed. I understand why people felt that Uncle Jed's Barbershop is a good example of the claim persevering you will be successful. On the other side you would understand that uncle Jed wasted his whole life on what a silly dream? There was a whole lot of other things he could do but he choose to follow a silly dream. It was bad situation after bad situation. The bank failing, his great niece beginning to be ill but he kept on starting over. Even when he did get his barbershop he died. I mean I know he died happy but he could of died even happier knowing he didn’t die wasting his time. Have you ever imagined that if uncle Jed didn’t waste his time what would the story be like?

Based on Rudy Rides the Rails the only reason why the story turned out the way it did because Rudy decided to not listen to his father. The story would be different if he did listened to his father. The story had nothing to do with persevering and a good attitude.

I’m not saying have a bad attitude and not try. I’m saying that pushing and doing the best that you can is not always going to cut it. Your parents always tell you follow your dreams and they will come true or push and keep pushing until you get where you want to be or something like that, but they don’t tell you that theirs a good chance of failure. Kids grow up saying i'm going to be this and that. But they figure out the hard way that life is not what they were told it was going to be.

The cycle of debt is a good example because slaves tried to get out of it. No matter how hard they tried they got caught in the same situation. The claim is your perspective and your attitude determines the quality of your life even in tough situations if you persevere you will be successful. The slaves tried persevering and having a good attitude but that didn’t work either of those didn’t work. That definitely does not support the claim. My argument is working hard and doing the best you can will not always cut it. Sometimes you have to let go of your dreams and settle down. Sometimes letting go of your dreams is the best thing for you. So I refute the claim “Your perspective and attitude determines the quality of your life.Even in tough situations if you persevere you will be successful.


We continue to grow everyday!! Be certain to ask your learner about his or her growth everyday. Remember, the moments don't always have to be big. Small moments reveal some of the greatest shifts! Some questions you can ask you child:

  • What challenge did you face today, and how did you work through that?
  • What surprised you today and why?
  • How did you help someone today?
  • What was something that went well today and why?
  • If you felt really good about _______ today, how will you make sure that you can feel this way again tomorrow?

We want to make sure our kiddos realize they are in control of their success. Success includes victories and struggles, but it is through taking risks that real learning is achieved. Reflecting together provides time to celebrate the hard work you learner is putting in. Thanks for all that you do at home! Our day could not be a success without our families.