Hawaii Contradict Over U.S.A.



The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom on January 17, 1893 would not have been possible without Minister John L. Stevens, President William McKinley, and President Benjamin Harrison.



Without the role of Minister Stevens, President Cleveland, and President McKinley, the overthrow would not have been taken place if it wasn't the actions made by these three mens. There were many perspectives being said about the overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, and these beliefs were taken is so many ways whether or not the Hawaii should and should not be annexed. The significance of this event is the fact that the Hawaii was taken over by the foreigners after foreigner influenced King Kalakaua about property ownership. And different sides for this tragedy, came in hand and became too chaotic. After being controlled by foreigners, foreigners have gone to the point where they want Hawaii to be part of the United States and this caused the overthrow of the Queen. The overthrow was too chaotic that different presidents proposed their beliefs and those who were not against the annexation won. But, was the annexation really was the final desire for the Hawaiians?


No, Hawaii is not legally and lawfully a state of the union because majority of the Hawaiians were against the annexation, but the U.S. did not take it into a considerations of how they opposed the annexation. Majority of the Hawaiians stated that they rather eat stones that being a territory of the U.S. because they are thankful with whatever they have. Another evidence showing they're opposed to it is the Kue Petition they made. The petition was a way of showing the U.S. that Hawaii only wanted to be independent without the hands of the other nations. And 97% of Hawaiians did not want to be annexed by the United States, and only 3% of them are okay with it. This statement was stated in a newspaper(Document I). In essence, Hawaii is not legally and and lawfully a state of the union because the U.S. were being inconsiderate.
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Kue Petition

This is the petition that the Hawaiians made saying that they didn't want to annexed. The petitioners were asking to leave Hawaii alone because they are satisfied with whatever they have. They didn't want to become part of the U.S.. However, when the petitioners passed this paper up to the government, it got rejected.


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