HF-L Capital Project Update

November 2019

Rendering of completed main entry

Phase II 2016 Capital Project Update: 64% Complete

Honeoye Falls-Lima Central School District continues to work with its construction management, architectural, and engineering firms in creating modern and safe spaces for students, faculty, and the community as the District continues to construct Phase II of the Capital Project.

Each month the Board of Education receives an update from Campus Construction, the District's construction management firm. These presentations occur within the agenda of the first meeting of each month. The link below provides access to all Board of Education meetings and agendas for the past three years.


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High School

High School

What has been completed at the High School?

  1. The boys' pool locker room renovation is complete with new showers, tile, floors, restrooms, as well as new lockers and paint;
  2. The new nurse's suite is complete and occupied;
  3. The new counseling suite is complete and occupied;
  4. The athletics and community education offices are complete and occupied in their new location in the new main lobby at the high school;
  5. A new tennis and pickleball court complex is complete and were used this fall;
  6. The new main office at the high school is occupied;
  7. Second-floor classroom teachers are now back in their teaching spaces and major steelwork and roof work has been significantly completed at the high school.

What happens next at the High School?

  1. The girls' pool locker room is now under construction;
  2. Ceilings and lights in room 211 and the corridor on the 2nd floor will be installed;
  3. Electrical work is being roughed in, in the art room and will be followed by floor mitigation, casework, and flooring;
  4. Saw-cutting and under-slab plumbing and electrical work will be installed in the kitchen; framing drywall and electrical rough-in will continue;
  5. Sidewalk in the courtyard will be installed;
  6. In January, the lobby will continue its transformation with new casework, wood panels, and a new Chow Hut;
  7. This winter and February break new flooring will be installed within the B wing classrooms;
  8. Throughout the winter, major renovation and construction of the new cafeteria, new flexible learning lab, and the new connector hallway will continue;
  9. The main parking lot will be reconstructed this summer and open for school in September 2020;
  10. The current facilities building will be demolished during April break this spring;
  11. Renovation and creation of the robotics lab as well as improved spaces for district technology services and electrical work will be ongoing.

Manor Intermediate School

Manor School

What has been completed at the Manor School?

  1. New double sized playground, including exterior access to water and restrooms;
  2. New main office area: Principal, Assistant Principal, School Psychologist, and counselors offices;
  3. New nurse's suite;
  4. New conference room;
  5. The major renovation of forty classrooms and offices including new casework, countertops, fresh paint, new floors, new bathroom tile and fixtures, and new sinks;
  6. 85% of the Manor Hallway tile has been replaced;
  7. New public address system;
  8. Numerous heating and ventilation improvements;
  9. Numerous new electrical improvements and controls have been installed.

What happens next to Manor School?

  1. Construction is nearly complete in the art room, toilet rooms outside the art room, and the Discovery Lab. Rooms 110, 108 and 106 will continue with the completion of drywall; electrical is being roughed in along with plumbing and the VRV. The system is being piped;
  2. Construction in room 302 is nearly complete with the installation of casework and flooring;
  3. Later this winter, the Manor hallway tile replacement will be completed;
  4. This summer, a major renovation to the cafeteria includes expanding seating capacity;
  5. This summer, a major renovation to the chorus room includes building in risers;
  6. Minor renovations in the cafeteria kitchen will include small appliance changes.

District Auditorium and New Multi-purpose Field

District Auditorium and Turf Field

What has been completed?

  1. Stereo speakers have been installed and matched with the soundboard;
  2. Installation of a new projector and projection screen has been completed;
  3. Installation of a new turf field complex that includes softball, baseball, and rectangular field usage has been completed;
  4. A stormwater management basin has been installed on both sides of the middle school.

What happens next?

  • The projection screen proscenium is scheduled to be installed over the New Year holiday.
  • The turf field is substantially complete. Temporary fencing and equipment will be removed as the weather breaks.

Operations Center

Operations Center

What has been completed?

  1. The Transportation Department is now occupying the new addition;
  2. The paving and the parking lot are now complete and in use by the department.

What happens next?

  1. Construction and renovation of new offices, restrooms, training, and storage areas within the complex;
  2. Improved lighting features.

Lima Primary School

Lima Primary

What has been completed?

1. Significant roof replacement across the entire complex (except for the cafeteria roof).

What happens next:

  1. Masonry work for the elevator shaft will continue along with work in room 210, 206 and 116;
  2. Ductwork will begin being installed in rooms 210 and 206;
  3. The installation of the elevator is scheduled to begin in November, 2019;
  4. Room renovation will continue in 210, 206, and 116. New paint, floors, walls, and bathroom fixtures are all planned;
  5. In the summer of 2020, significant renovation to secure the main office, nurse's suite, and one classroom will occur;
  6. Final hook up of air cooling units for the gym space will occur;
  7. A water fixture will be added to the playground area.

Phase II.V

On December 17, 2019, from 9 AM to 9 PM the HF-L Central School District will present the community with a referendum to complete an additional capital project with a proposed Phase II.V. Through collaboration with a Capital Project Committee, principals, and staff reviewed items reduced from the scope of Phase II and identified the highest priority of needs from the District's most recent building condition survey.

The proposed Phase II.V project will require no additional taxes and will not interfere with the completion of the current project.

The District website continues to be updated regularly with updates from the Capital Project known as Phase II.V, you can see updates regarding this proposal at https://www.hflcsd.org/district/capital_project_information
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