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Chemical Formula


Physical Properties

1. Streak- the color appears greenish-black

2. When the mineral forms crystals they can assume the geometric shapes of a cube (with six square faces), octahedron (eight triangular faces) or pyritohedron (twelve pentagonal faces), or even combinations of those shapes.

Chemical Properties

1.Gold atoms can substitute for the iron atoms in pyrite's atomic structure, and some gold deposits do contain pyrite that contains several tenths of a percent gold in it.

2. Create sparks that can be used for fires.

Mineral Location

Italy, France, Spain, and Australia (Main Area)

Mining Techniques

One type of method used for mining pyrites is called an open pt. Open- pit mining is simply the process of digging out rocks or minerals by eliminating them from open pits or burrows. Also, this technique is always used toward minerals close to the Earth Surface such as Pyrite, which is located near the Earth's crust.

Technique Used for Shaping the Raw Material for the Marketplace

For Pyrites, there aren't any, but the closest technique is fracture. Fracture describes how a mineral breaks into forms or shapes other than flat surfaces.

Past and Present Uses


1.Pyrite was mined as a sulfur source for sulfuric acid

2. Pyrite was used for fires.


1. Ore of Gold

2. Byproduct of natural gas and crude oil processing.

Environmental Issues

Degradation & Acid Mine Drainage

Solutions to Environmental Issues

Open pit mines use a haul road to allow trucks to bring waste rock to the surface where the open edge of the pit is located. This creates waste dump which lessens the effects of degradation. As for acid mine drainage, the best solutions are to isolate waste products from the water and air and submerge waste rock under water behind an impoundment by a natural body of water.

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