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Dedicated to our favorite Artists


Hey, I'm Maroon Marble and I've came up with this brilliant idea. Just like you, I'm in to Anime, Cartoons, Manga or whatever you may be into. If that's not your think then it maybe something else that interests you. It could be your favorite series. It doesn't just have to be cartoons but a passion for creative writing and fan fictionalizing your favorite artist work. This web is dedicated to them because they've work so hard to keep up entertain us and I just feel in my heart that I wanted to give back. That's why I started this website to honor them and their work. I just want to say Thank you for everything. Love Maroon Marble-Just a fan.


Q:Okay so you made this website and it's good your giving back for all their hard work but, how does that benefit us?
A:Good Question, The reason why I've decided to do this because if you're a creative write or have a passion for writing you can share your idea with out people that may have the same interest you have. Wouldn't be fun? It's what I call role-playing or sharing creative writing.
Q:What is Role-playing or what's it about?
A:Role-Playing is like writing a story that you're telling, it's the same thing as creative writing but everyone has their own way to identify it.You interact with people creatively.
Q:Okay so you've made a website to give back? What exactly are you giving back or Us for that matter?
A:It's just a simple thank you. I don't want anything back. I'm forever grateful for all these talented artist out here. They work hard everyday, doing the best they can for us. We as fan support them right? I mean if we didn't these people, we wouldn't have all these shows, cartoons and ect given to us. And C'mon don't tell me you don't have a favorite show that you follow?
Q:Seems straight forward but, what do you hope to accomplished. Do you see you taking this anywhere in the future.
A:I mean no I just want to give back, like I said. But whatever happens happen. Right now this is just a hobby and I feel good doing it. I may get trouble because it may seem I'm copy writing but I will ensure you everything will be purely fan made. Right now I'm by myself but, I will definitely start getting people to help me out.
Q:So, all I have to do is just post my stories? Do I get anything out of it?
A:Of course, you make friends, meet new people who have the same interest, talk among each other about ideas you have. It'll be a lot of fun and it'll be interesting. Me, myself I'm a creative writing and I do plan on going to school to get a degree in it because I absolute love it. I love the fact that I can let my imagination go free in my writing. It's such a beautiful feeling. Have you ever written anything and re-read and go wow, that's pretty good. And sharing with other people, getting feed back about how great it is. It's a wonderful feeling.
Q:Where can I upload my work and start?
A:I will have a link of some sort or some director for you to do all that. So don't you worry.
Q:Where can I reach other people to get in contact with them if I was to Role-Play or share my writing?
A:I will also have something for that.
Q:If someone's information isn't shown what does that mean?
A: (1)They either wish not to share any personal information with you. (2) They haven't filled it out. or (3) Communicating is limited with them for their own personal reasons.
Q:If people don't want to be contacted why do they come here?
A:Anyone is allowed here, it's not my business why the way they are. My only goal is to give back. Sorry.

Please if you feel that you have more questions for me, don't hesitate I'll post them right away ASAP. Thanks for Reading Fans (:

Rules and Regulations-Please Read (Very Important)

1.Please keep in mind that this is purely fan made. No copy right is intended so if you're going to write please give that Author credit.

Example: Naruto Fan Fiction-Purely Fan Made.No Copyright Intended and give that artist credit (The Original Author)

2.No one is perfect so don't criticize anyone's else work, but I do ask that you proof read and make it eligible to read. If people can't read or understand what it is your telling they may or may not show interest and you'll have to find some one else.

3.Let's please keep it a friendly remember we're dedicated our fan work to these great artistes.

4.If you have any pictures you want to upload make sure their watermark and/or have a name on them and what source they came from (like show, book, anime, manga, ect. but most likely I think we can tell.) I'll post an example.
Those who edit in Photoshop, gimp or whatever you do. Remember everything is purely fan made so give credit. If you don't know it don't panic it's alright lol.

5.More to come soon.


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