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Back to School week of August 10

Please be on campus by 8:00 a.m. Monday morning 7:45 the rest of the time.

Monday-8:00-9:00 breakfast with your team-enjoy some team time catching up

Welcome Back!

We are excited to welcome everyone back next week. Teachers return on Monday and paraprofessionals on Tuesday. Our Its Learning Course will hold all of the back to school information you need to know. Latest and greatest schedules as well as links to its Learning courses and handouts will be within the Back to School folder. Click here for a direct link to the Back to School PL week information.

You need to go into Strive to register for Tuesday morning District PL that you are going to attend once you and your team has decided who will attend what. Jessica will create the PL entries in Strive for the rest of the two weeks and will enroll you in the course. We will have a sign in sheet in the library with breakfast. Bring your own pen to sign the sheet!

Dress for the first two weeks is casual-jeans or nice shorts

I have sent Teams invites for our morning PL times. You will need to click on these links every morning to join the meeting

This is a list of all the district Aug. 11th PL schedule

Click below for August 10-14 schedule!

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We will be providing a grab and go breakfast Monday morning! It will be a Continental style breakfast. We will enter through the side library doors, proceed down the line and exit through the kiva or office door. You will sanitize as you come in and should sanitize when you get back to the room. We are asking that no more than 6-8 people are in the library at one time. You can wait in the hallway but make sure you are at least 3 feet away from the next person. Breakfast will be served from 7:45-8:15. We will have water in the library and there are Keurig pods in the lounge for coffee-bring your own cup

Lunch on your own!

I know all of you are so happy to be back with your teams. We want to caution you about going out to lunch at a restaurant unless you can sit 6 feet apart. A suggestion would be to plan to have lunch delivered each day if your team prefers to do that.

Campus procedures for Team gatherings during the PL week

We want to ensure that all of us are following all the safety procedures while on campus. Please take all safety precautions when gathering with a group.

As a team-plan on which classroom you will use to meet in for the next two weeks. Every person needs to sit in the same spot every time you meet. Once you are 6 feet apart, you may take off your mask. You should sanitize your hands as you enter and exit the room.

You can all join any Teams meeting that we have. One person can project and the rest can mute their laptops or you can use headphones. During the modules, the team leader can project the presentation.

Remember to walk at least 3 feet apart down the hallway. We should always be wearing a mask unless we are 6 feet apart.

Be mindful of how many people are in the copy rooms and be sure to wipe down the area once you are finished.

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CCISD Instructional Insider- July

Teachers will be working with teams digging into this during the first week back on campus.

Classroom Considerations (cont)

Remember, the focus right now is on your instructional areas (boards and spaces you will virtually teach from).

Class sizes will be similar to a typical year (could be 20-22 students). We are not focusing on seating arrangements yet. Hold tight!

Next week we will discuss setting up care corners in classrooms for students who are ill/ feel ill and are waiting to go to the nurse. As you set up your room you might want to be thinking of a space set to the side where a student could sit to wait for the nurse.

Trash cans for classrooms- The blue recycle bins (rectangular) that are no longer used in classrooms can be placed by the sinks for students to throw paper towels. At this time we do not plan to purchase more trash cans. We want our custodial staff to be able to focus on sanitizing and cleaning in the evenings.

Refer to previous smores for more information regarding setting up your classrooms.

Updates around the building

In an effort to keep everyone safe we will not be providing silverware and paper goods in the cabinets in the lounge at this time. You may want to bring some up to keep in your classroom.

As hand sanitizer bottles are empty (any bottle not just want was provided by the district) please keep these bottles so they can be refilled. We will have refill stations set up by each of the copy machines so you can refill your bottles as needed.

Storage closets are looking great! We are making some much needed space in closets. Shout outs to 1st, 3rd, and 4th grade who have been hard at work already on these areas! As you go through them in the next couple of weeks remember-- if it is from a teacher here previously-- someone can claim items as their own, write their name on them and put them on one of their shelves or if no one wants the items they need to be gotten rid of.

We will not have a free table this year. For large pieces of furniture and items (that are in good condition and someone may want) you could send an email out asking if anyone wants it.

Clear Creek Education Foundation

CCEF Cornerstone Diamond Club Member

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gives you the added benefit of an extra jean day each month along with a CCEF dry fit polo to wear on Foundation 1st Wednesday.

CCEF Cornerstone Club Member

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Benefits Open Enrollment Period


Thank you for your support!

All staff donors receive a CCEF notepad!

The Elementary, Intermediate and High School with the highest percentage of participation will receive a free breakfast party!

Weekend Air

We will run HVAC and Lighting in office and classroom areas the weekends of August 15th / 16th and 22nd / 23rd to allow for extra prep time for the start of school.
Parr Reopen Safely Plan- Campus Procedures

This document is a work in progress. The link is live and will continue to be updated. There is a date/ timestamp in the footer so you know when it was last updated.

District Curriculum PL-recordings

The district curriculum trainings will be recorded.

ELA-For ELA, I plan on attaching the recordings in teams meeting box in the itslearning page, but if somehow That doesn’t work, it also shows up at the bottom of the chat bar within the meeting. All they would need to do would be click on the teams meeting link that will still be there, and scroll to the bottom of the chat.

Math-math will be recorded however, most of the time the teachers will be working on pieces between my brief comments and loading products in the grade level TEAMS channel…therefore, even the products will be shared campus to campus

Open Enrollment ends August 14th!

As a reminder, Open Enrollment ends on Friday, August 14th. Please go online to verify your benefit elections for the upcoming 20/21 plan year and make any necessary changes. The new plan year will begin on Tuesday, September 1st.

If you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact the Open Enrollment Hotline at 281-284-0245.

Some Good News- Library

We are excited to share that the CCISD library department was chosen by the Molina Foundation as one of the recipients of the Molina Foundation Book Buddies program. The grant provides a truckload of new books valued at approximately $325,000 to be distributed to our K-12 CCISD students in need of home based reading materials. We wanted to share some details with you about the grant.

-Each campus will be receiving a pallet of between 10 and 20 boxes of books.

-CCISD will deliver the books within the next two weeks.

-The intent is for students to be able to take the books home and keep them.

-We ideally would want to target students who do not have reading materials at home.

-There is not a timeline of distribution or tracking of materials.

We are very excited to be able to offer these to our students. If you have any additional questions, please reach out. Happy reading!

GT Updates

  1. August 31st - We begin virtual GT services with specialist introductions and welcome with GT students in both learning programs.
  2. August 31st to September 14th- we stay in virtual GT services in the brick and mortar option and slowly begin pulling GT students for face to face sessions. Maybe one or two grade levels in this time period depending on how students are doing adjusting to new protocols.
  3. Sept 21st to October 2nd – brick and mortar will be having face to face sessions at least twenty minutes a week and also have full asynchronous and/or synchronous lessons to begin to prepare for fall testing to kick off on October 5th. We want students to see how they will be accessing services during testing and in the event of closure.
  4. A strong virtual services model for both programs will support students during GT testing. We may have to be fully virtual in brick and mortar during fall testing due to the number of students we will be able to bring into the testing environment at one time.
  5. There have been many concerns coming up about push in services.

As appropriate, we would like to have the specialists in classrooms during a station rotation time to work on a social and emotional lessons, support research for the TPSP projects, support students in application of thinking tools (depth and complexity) and do challenge stations. This can be done in person or virtually depending on needs. We could even have this flex from week to week. Meaning…… grade level might have virtual asynchronous stations while another is having in person stations. Then the following week that flips.

  1. If we are pulling students for class, we will pull by buddy classrooms or individual classes depending on how the specials rotation schedule places classes together.
  2. Clustering of GT students will be reviewed and adapted to group students across one or two classes in a grade level as opposed to across four or five classes. This will make the implementation of our service model easier and doable in this situation since we cannot pull from several classes at once.
  3. Each specialist will reach out to parents to share schedules so they know that there will be asynchronous activities that students will be doing and share the timeframe for completion of the activities.
  4. Frequent and clear parent communication will be key in ensuring our families that we are providing services.
  5. Communication, communication, communication! Specialists and the department will be communicating more this year about our services and how they are occurring than ever before.
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