Thursday Newsletter

Community 3

Thinking, Innovating, and Creating


Our next project is about habitats.

"What can we do to support the habitat around our school?"

We are excited to get this project started.

If you know of anyone who would be willing and interested to speak to our "families" about habitats, specifically around our school, please let us know.

**You will find a second attachment in the e-mail with an overview of our habitat project.**


When you login to FreshGrade you will notice that it looks very different than grading platforms you have used in the past.

The progress scale in FreshGrade uses terminology that is different from the typical-A,B,C,D grading scale many of us are accustomed to.

You will notice the following terminology in FreshGrade:

  • Not Yet Meeting Expectations
  • Approaching Expectations
  • Meeting Expectations
  • Exceeding Expectations

Many of you will see that students are "Approaching Expectations". This means that your child is progressing towards meeting and exceeding expectations, but we need more than one indicator to demonstrate that expectations have been met or exceeded. Many of the standards are extensive and have multiple parts, so it may take some time for all of the parts to be taught. For a student to be "Meeting Expectations" or "Exceeding Expectations," each part of the standard needs to be assessed. Also, we will be providing opportunities for your child to show that they can consistently meet the expectations of a standard. When your child demonstrates thorough knowledge and use of a standard multiple times, we will know that they are meeting expectations. Approaching expectations is a good place to be on the scale at this point in the year.

If your child is not meeting expectations, please know that we are working with your child towards approaching expectations.

As we progress through the year, you will begin to see your child meet and in some cases exceed standards.

Clean Water Project (Mini Project)

Ask your child about our Clean Water Project and how they created a device to clean their water. The video above is one that we watched with the project. We think you will enjoy it!
Drop in the Bucket- Clean water - Get the facts


This week in math we are learning:

  • Strategies for subtraction within 1000
  • Problem Solving using addition and subtraction within 1000

Next week in math we will learn:

  • Strategies to figure out multiplication: arrays, pictures, number lines, fact families and missing numbers

Scholastic Flyers

Scholastic Flyers are in your child's folder. Please return by October 2!