Inside a PC

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What's Inside Your Computer?


A motherboard is the main circuit that connects to all the other parts together

It has slots for the CPU ,RAM and loads of expansion cards. It hooks hard drives up

,disk drives and front panel ports with all the cables and wires

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Power supply

The power supply is a piece of hardware that is used to help flow power through the system . It also helps because when you insert a USB stick into the system and then the power is so strong it can move the folders onto a monitor.

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Speakers help you listen to your favourite music or what a important video aloud.

It also helps if your teacher is in a classroom the music bounces out and back so people can hear the music or video.

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A CPU is the brain of your computer because it saves all your work and knows

When you want your work when you type it in so it pops it up on your screen. It also helps with all of the instructions you give it , it will automatically works.

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Sata Cable

Sata is short for Serial ATA,they got the name sata from all the cables that are in one. In total for being a internal solution ATA, also supports external drives through external SATA (more commonly known a eSATA).

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Alan Turing

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He was born on June the 23rd 1912 in Maida in London. He died on 7th June 1954 Wilmslow in the United Kingdom. The enigma code:He battled to crack the Enigma code and when he does he sells at auction for £700,000.The Turing test: The Turing test is a test of a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to that of a human. Alan's machine was called a enigma machine its like a Google translator but for codes. He made the machine so he could crack the codes of the enemies. The Turing test is a test for intelligence in a computer, requiring that a human being should be unable to distinguish the machine from another human being by using the replies to questions put to both.

The Turing Test

Tim Berners Lee

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He was born on the 08 Jun 1955 ,he was born in London, Birmingham. He was the first one to invent the world wide web in 1989.Tim spends a lot of time fighting for rights, such as freedom and openness to the web. He invented the world wide web and that's how we are writing these smore flyers today. He was in a physics laboratory called cern . (CERN is in Geneva, Switzerland. Switzerland is near the middle of Europe.)
How the World Wide Web just happened - Tim Berners-Lee