Happenings Worth Hollering About!

Welcome to Ms. Garris' Class!

A New Beginning

Dear Parents,

Ms. Jessica Distler and Ms. Jessica Garris would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the J2 Third Grade Pair. Because Third Grade is going to be pairing, your child will spend the majority of their time with Ms. Distler for a reading/social studies block and Ms. Garris for a math/science block.

We would also like to take a moment to tell you a little about ourselves.

Jessica Dister was born in Austell, GA and is an Atlanta native. She graduated from Mercer University with a M.A. in ECE in 2011. She is married, has no kids but her 5 sisters, 2 brothers, going to the gym and volunteering in the community keep her occupied. Things she loves: coffee, Hello Kitty, movies, sushi, laughing and she’s always up for a good joke. Ms. Distler is in her 2nd year at Woodland and is bursting with excitement about this year!

Jessica (Jessy) Garris was born in Allentown, PA., but is considered an Atlanta native since she’s been here for 27 years. She graduated from KSU with a B.Ed. in ECE in 2008 and recently received her TAG endorsement. She has two dogs and a rabbit, loves her three nephews and niece, and likes to run ½ marathons. Things she loves: coffee, postcards, fuzzy animals, cupcakes, sushi, randomness, and hugs. Ms. Garris is in her 5th year at Woodland, and can’t wait to get to know her new Third Grade Family.

We cannot wait for the numerous opportunities we will have to get to know each other. Here’s to a new year of experiences!


Ms. Jessica Distler


Ms. Jessica Garris