Your Digital Footprint

How Does it Affect You?

Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is anything that you put online ever. Tweets, Instagram pictures, and Facebook posts are all included. Your digital footprint is important because it is a reflection of yourself. Your digital footprint can make or break your chance at getting future opportunities.

My Footprint

My digital footprint consists mostly of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I use these accounts to see what my friends and family are doing daily. I also use these accounts for my own posts, which can consist of anything from clubs to social events that I go to. For example, I posted about a book I read on twitter, and I encouraged other people to read it as well. Another example is how I posted about going to a Leyden football game, showing my school involvement. One last example, using Instagram as a tool to promote something, such spreading awareness of animal cruelty.


I always post on my twitter whenever I am participating in a school event, which shows that I can put myself out there. This is helpful because it shows people that I am willing to involve myself. However, some things that I post can be irrelevant. I just post things that relate to nothing. For example, inside jokes with my friends. This can be harmful because it may show future employers that I can get off task, it also may appear as obnoxious.
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Improving my footprint

I can continue to talk about my clubs/classes, which will show people that I really care about my future. I can also stop posting irrelevant things.

Maintaining My Footprint

The most important thing I learned was that using hashtags helps you to make your voice heard. For example, if I am posting about a school event, I can do #LeydenPride so I can get a greater following of people viewing my post.


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