Ask Ms. IC!

The Newest Feature from Her Campus Ithaca College

What is this, you ask?

Have questions about love? Life? Friendship? This is your opportunity to start asking and get answers- from Ms. IC! A Dear-Abby-type column, Ms. IC takes all of your questions about life and especially love to respond with real life advice.

Ask Anything!

Completely Anonymous!

Ms. IC will look at each question and answer one a week. This will be published on the Her Campus Ithaca College website and is entirely anonymous. Just send your questions to the Ms. IC question link, you don't even have to include your name!

About HCIC

Ms. IC is part of the wonderful HCIC (Her Campus Ithaca College), a Cosmopolitan for the modern college woman! But Guys, don't let that stop you! Ms. IC is open to both men and women. If you are submitting questions to Ms. IC, check out the rest of the website! There are articles written by your fellow classmates, and those aren't anonymous!