Role of Bacteria in the World

By: Mandy Bartley

Good for Environment

There are many types of bacteria that are good for the environment. Many living things depend highly on plants, and plants need nitrogen to grow. So the nitrogen bacteria take in the nitrogen from the air and change it so it is good for the plants.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Another type of bacteria is decomposers. They break down dead plants and animals that are in a compost pile. This provides nutrients that is available to other living things.


Things like cheese, yogurt, buttermilk, or sour cream are all bacteria. So we eat bacteria and it's good for us! The bacteria in food helps keep a healthy balance in your gut, help ease lactose intolerance, boost the immune system, and rich in probiotics. There are also supplements that can help put some of the good bacteria in your body.


Bacteria can come in your body and attack your system. We call the bad bacteria pathogenic, which means "cause disease". But now we have antibiotics that kill the bad bacteria. To make the antibiotics scientist use the bacteria to learn to fight against it.
Bacteria is everywhere, on everything, and inside everything. It was alive before humans and will be alive after humans. Bacteria can be harmful, but it can also be beneficial.