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Finish your dream of becoming a baker with Assocom India

Finish your dream of becoming a baker with Assocom India

India has not produced many bakers and chef who have attained recognition from people throughout the world. This is mainly due to the fact that India has lacked the proper infrastructure in terms of baking colleges that provide bakery courses and programs to fuel the dreams of the aspiring bakers and chefs.

Assocom India was established 15 years ago to solve this very problem and it has done so in splendid style. The courses and programs offered by the institute have been truly world class and it has bared witness to many success stories of its students. With a unique public-private partnership with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Assocom has solved the problem of the creation, generation and propagation of funds as well as the creation of institutions for the vocational training of its students.

Assocom has a very straightforward list of objectives. It aims to educate its pupils using the best and the latest technologies available to help them fulfill their maximum potentials and to create awareness about the technology used in the food manufacturing industries in recent times. The institute also aims to educate the students about the necessity of a strong work ethic and the requirement of hygiene in food production as well as cooking and baking.

The institute provides for bakery courses and bakery programs that can fulfill the varying needs of any student in the country. Some of the courses provided by Assocom India are:

• Entry level programs which aim at developing new students into complete bakers and chef and include programs like the unique Entrepreneur Development Program (EDP), short term cake baking courses, pastry chef education programs and expertise programs in retail baking.

• Upskilling programs meant to upgrade the skill level of the individual students. It includes courses and programs like the residential programs in cake baking courses, bread variety, biscuit production and cake and confectionery courses.

• Onsite training programs that are employed to train the staff on-site to help improve their individual skills

Assocom India has been a revelation to anyone who has been aspiring to become a baker or a chef in India. Its short term crash courses mean that it is never too late to continue to chase your dreams. Innovation and continued excellence have been the two main selling points for the institute, and you can bet that you will get the very best when you enroll here.

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