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Antrim Elementary School October 30, 2020

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Dear AES Community,

I can't believe we are closing out the month of October with a bit of snow and looking to November already. Please remember that we are still going outside, so weather appropriate clothing will be so helpful in keeping our students warm and dry.

With the change in the seasons, we have a time change too. Don't forget to change your clocks this weekend.

The next opportunity to switch your child from in-person to remote learning or vice-versa is November 1, 2020.

Today was crazy hair and pajama day at AES, and the afternoon was filled with fun Halloween-themed science, literature, and art activities.

Here are a few important dates for the month of November:

Nov. 3 - No School -Parent/teacher conferences

Nov. 11- No school- Veteran's Day

Nov. 25--27 - Thanksgiving Recess

Nov. 30 The beginning of our remote period on the calendar

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

~Mrs. Syre-Hager

Pajama Day, Crazy Hair Day & Halloween Science

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Notes from Mrs. Edwards

Notes from the Front Office

I would like to thank all the parents who are actively using the PickUp Patrol program to let us know about the arrival and departure of your children. If you haven’t logged in, we encourage you to please take a moment as this program is a very efficient way of communicating to us as to the arrival and departure of students. Please use the health screening guide in the morning as this expedites the arrival process. If you haven’t signed up for PickUp Patrol yet, I will be sending out a welcome letter over this weekend to you. As always, if you have any questions or don’t receive an invitation please feel free to call the front office.

Late Arrivals: If you child is going to be late to school, please call the front office at 588-6371. Please bring your child to the front door where we will greet and screen your student, and then escort them to class.

Early Dismissals: If your child is being dismissed early, please call the front office at 588-6371. Come to the front door, and we will bring you child to you.

Greetings from Ms. Gregg

Hello, AES Families! I have so missed seeing you and the AES students on a regular basis this school year. As you know, I am working with the AES students whose families have chosen remote learning, along with the Unified Remote Learning (URL) students from the other elementary schools. In addition, I am still available to AES in-person students and their families for emotional support and other school counseling services. I have been able to “zoom in” to some AES classrooms already, but I miss the regular contact I have had in the past with all of the AES students and staff members. As we move into remote learning after Thanksgiving break, I anticipate teaching some classroom counseling lessons via Zoom to the AES students who have been studying at school in person. Some AES students also may participate in small groups or individual counseling during the remote learning period. I look forward to this. As always, please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or concerns.

Robin Gregg

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A Note from Ms. Hartshorne

Ms. Hartshorne's class is moving into winter and beginning to learn how animals are getting ready as well. We will be spending time in our forest classroom observing animals from those under our leaves and logs, to the mammals and birds that are hanging around our neighborhood. We will begin our animals in winter unit when we return from remote learning in January, but will begin our study with observations of animals in the fall. We are also becoming very opinionated in our classroom! Students will be creating opinion pieces about one of their favorite things - holidays, seasons, days of the week, etc. Using some organizing sentence starters, they will create a written piece before we break for Thanksgiving.

Wellness with Mr. Benham

Hello Eagles, for the month of November we will look to wrap up a football unit, complete two Health Smart units, and introduce basketball skills to Pod A students. The students are doing great participating in Wellness and following all of the guidelines. As we move into the colder months, we will be inside more. Please, please, please make sure that your student has sneakers so that can participate in the gym on inside days. Also, please make sure that your student has snow pants and boots (jacket, hat and gloves) so that they can participate outside on snowy days. Thanks for all of your support and please contact me if you have any questions. Pod B students will get a chance to work with me soon!

Go Eagles!

Joe Benham

AES Wellness Teacher

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November News from Ms. Lawler

As the air gets colder, the learning in 2nd grade is heating up! In November we will continue to focus on our place-value unit in math. We'll keep learning how to represent three-digit numbers in different ways and we'll compare numbers within 1,000 using the greater than, less than and equal to symbols. In Literacy we will spend the month comparing and contrasting several versions of the same story. This will give us the opportunity to read several fairy tales and folktales which are always so much fun and rich with morals and interesting characters. As always we'll continue to focus on working on a team and supporting one another in being the best learners we can be.

Muzart News

In Music we are exploring rhythms with body percussion and instruments. Third and fourth grade musicians in Pod B are learning drum language and playing djembe drums. Our second grade musicians are boom whacker experts and have performed four beat rhythms to stories. In kindergarten and first grade we played the rhythm sticks and used them in a dance to quarter notes and eighth notes.

Pod B artists are developing focus in their work through 3D art. They have worked with many 3D materials and learned several art techniques. Here are some photos of their wonderful creations!

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News from Mrs. Donovan

October has been such a busy month for Mrs. Donovan's class! After lots of apple and pumpkin fun, we are sailing into November with our stories about giant pumpkin boats, learning about narrative writing.

In November, we'll be doing experiments with Sound in Science, and making some awesome instruments with Mrs. Storro! In Social Studies, we'll be learning about life long ago with The Ox-Cart Man, thinking about how the family's life was the same as ours, or different from ours today. We'll also be learning about important symbols of our country, using fiction and nonfiction from our Reading Street text and Scholastic News, as well as Mrs. Donovan's photos from her trip to Washington, D.C. five years ago!

A Note from Mr. Morris

Third and Fourth graders in POD B have been working with our Harris Center Naturalist, Karen Rent, to learn about mammals that live in New Hampshire. We have studied the beaver and squirrel and explored our school forest for evidence of both. Did you know there are beavers in the stream behind AES and GBS? We also have red and gray squirrels back there. Moving into November each student will be researching and sharing information about a New Hampshire mammal.

In reading and writing we are focused on the main idea and details. This is important in our reading about mammals, and helps us to write about them as well. We look forward to sharing our learning with you!

A Few Words from Mrs. Hill

We have had some exciting visits from the Harris Center for Conservation Education. Students have been exploring the lands around our school. They looked for signs of both beaver and squirrels. It was through this study that we learned about animal adaptations and their habitats. We even designed a scientific study. Students are trying to discover which foods squirrels prefer. We will update you as soon as we have collected our data.
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Hello from Mr. MacLeod

Mr. MacLeod's 4th grade class have been enjoying our science mammal study with Karen Rent from the Harris Center. In November, we will be working together to carry out an investigation about squirrels living in the woods behind our school. The squirrel is a mammal with many different helpful adaptations for its environment! Did you know the squirrel's tail has many uses, including for balance when climbing and jumping, regulating temperature, communicating, and as a sort of parachute to slow their descent?

In math, we will keep working on our math facts to help us as we work on adding and subtracting large numbers using the standard algorithm in November, and to prepare for multi-digit multiplication later in the year. We will also be working on showing our core value of grit during math to help us soar for success!

Thanks for the Info, Mr. Stultz!

It's here! Destiny Discover allows you to access our school library from home! You can browse our library collection, see what overdue books you have, place holds on a book, and even read electronic books. The electronic books are provided by the NH School Shared Digital collection. There are hundreds! You can access Destiny Discover by visiting or through our school library site, Login with your google login that you will use for remote learning. If you need help with this, contact me

Ms. Lescarbeau's News

We welcomed 2 new friends to our class this month! We have been busy learning how to count objects in different ways and writing our numbers to 10. We have met all of our Letterland friends and are starting to blend their sounds together to make words and separate their sounds to spell words! In social studies we learned about different community helpers. We loved getting to meet the firefighters outside to talk about fire safety!

Mrs. Syre-Hager, Principal

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