Faculty News

September 28-October 2

Team / Data Meeting

Team / Data Meeting will take place on Monday. During this meeting, I would like for you to discuss students within your grade level. I am working on creating monitor groups for all sub groups and will share those with you. We have 130 new students that we need to monitor closely to determine how best to help them.

You will meet in the following classrooms:

6th - Hillery Garcia

7th - Donna Hamblin

8th - Kevann Moseley

Schoolwide Fundraiser

Due September 30

Continue to encourage your homerooms to sell items for the fundraiser. You will need to turn all forms and money by the end of the day Wednesday. Follow the steps below:

*Write names of all students on the "Blue" envelope

*Count the money and make certain that the # of items sold match up with the money collected

*Place all forms and money in the blue envelope

*Turn in to Linda

Classrooms to visit

51 Days till UIL

UIL Practices

Practices for UIL will may take place on "Black" days during homeroom and anytime before or after school. Please work with students who are involved in other extra-curricular activities as they may have practices for sports and other activities. UIL coaches will need to communicate with sponsors / coaches to determine the best time to practice for UIL. In order to get the UIL stipend, Coaches must have at least one practice before or after school every week.

Voluntary Faculty Prayer

Every Wednesday at 7:15 a.m. in the large conference rooom.

Skyward Grades

By now, all students should be have been trained on how to check their grades via the Skyward App. Encourage your homeroom students to check their grades at least twice a week. If you have students that do not know how to check their grades, please show them how to download the App to their electronic device by using the steps that Martha sent out two weeks ago.

Looking Ahead

Goals Days

Tuesday, Oct. 13th, 12pm to Wednesday, Oct. 14th, 12pm


Professional Development

*Google Classroom training for beginners

*Advanced training