The Juliano Journal

Week of October 5-9

Dear Families,

Happy Friday! We had so much fun at Walk for West this afternoon! The kids really loved doing all of the fun activities and chanting our cheer around the school. West is best! A big thank you to all of the parent volunteers who make this event possible for the students.

Exciting news! The WEE Deliver post office is opening soon! As third graders, the students are able to apply to work for the post office as letter carriers. If students are interested in working for WEE Deliver, they need to return the blue application form to school by Wednesday, October 14th. Late applications will not be accepted so please make sure that the application comes back if your child is interested!

Have a great, three-day weekend! And GO CUBBIES! :)

Miss Juliano

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Curriculum News

Language Arts

This week we discussed the reading strategy of questioning/wondering. We talked about how good readers are always thinking and asking themselves questions about what they are reading in order to stay engaged in the text. The students listened to three stories this week and practiced creating complex, high-level questions as we read the books.

In writing this week, we discussed the trait of organization. We specifically focused on leads or "bold beginnings," and how important it is to begin writing pieces in exciting ways so that the reader wants to read on! The students learned six techniques for creating a lead and, in groups, practiced writing a lead for a paper on Halloween.


This week students learned about how knowing their basic addition and subtraction facts can help them solve extended facts. We also discussed “What’s My Rule” problems, and practiced solving number stories.

Next week we will spend more time solving different types of number stories, and review multi-digit addition and subtraction. Throughout the year we will continue to revisit the very important skill of multi-digit addition and subtraction, but this is a skill that can always be reinforced at home with extra practice.

Social Studies

We began the first unit, Where in the World is Our Community?, in our social studies curriculum this week. The students learned about where the equator, prime meridian, and four hemispheres of our world are. We also discussed how our Earth is divided into seven continents, and how the continents are divided into countries.

Next week we will discuss how our country is divided into states, and how the states are then divided into communities. Students will then describe where West is located in terms of hemisphere, continent, country, state, and community.

important dates

October 12- Columbus Day- no school

October 13- WPO Meeting- 7:00

October 15- OLSAT Test

October 15- Family Library Night- 6:30-8:00

October 21- Early Release Day- 2pm dismissal

October 21-23- Parent- Teacher Conferences

let's hear from the students!

Ben and Andrew Say....

"Today we did Walk for West and it was fun! We had fun doing the "whip" dance, and we got pretzels at the end that were really salty. We also both got picked for Paw Pride today because we were following expectations in the classroom and the hallway."
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