A Journey Back in Time

Lets see what it is like in the Cretaceous time period

The environment

I think that it would kind be like a desert because dinosaurs lived there but, it would also have forests because there are plants there and maybe some oceans because the trees and animals need water, don't they?


What should travelers bring? Well, I think that they should bring some shelter like a tent and some warm clothes for night because, believe it or not, the desert gets cold at night. They should bring some food and water because you might not be able to hunt or even go out to look for water. What about getting sick or hurt. Travelers should definitely bring medicine and herbs because they can help with sickness. You should also bring other travelers with you. You need someone for company don't you?


Yes, even sandy places have plants that do not include Cacti. They have flowers and trees. It may be hard to believe but, its true. They even have animals, like dinosaurs. Not in this time period but, back then they did. Did you know that the dinosaurs would sometimes die because some plants or even animals would be poisonous. One poisonous animal is the Poison dart frog.
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Dangers travelers might face, hmm, oh! GOT IT!! They would most likely face dinosaurs, creodonts, and poisonous plants. Be careful because you might eat a poisonous plant or get eaten by a T-Rex!!!! Also bring plenty if water so you do not die of dehydration

The sights

People would probably like to see an ocean and maybe some foreign animals. It would be pretty cool to see a creodont. Wouldn't it? I would like to see a T-Rex but, I would stay a safe difference. People would also like to see some marine animals like maybe some extinct fish or sharks that are bigger than a Great White.