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@Barnesville High School Library

Library Happenings

CCP+ classes have increased this year. We have English Composition and Psychology broadcasting in to our students from Belmont College. Mr. Hilliard is broadcasting his Western Civilization class to Coshocton and River View High Schools while teaching our students here. After working out the technological issues, these classes are all running smoothly now.

Book Club will start soon for interested students. I am hoping to have a digital component for the club this year so that more students can participate. Students will receive an email about the club and be able to sign up electronically.

This year I am planning some Makerspace type activities. I had several students express an interest in learning how to knit. So if you have always wanted to learn this craft, please watch for more information.

As a teacher curator for the Battelle for Kids OAC, I have created a blog to share the current trends and resources in education. I invite you all to visit my blog titled Moving Beyond Today. I hope to post something new on a weekly basis.

Google Busters Month at INFOhio

Are you constantly looking over your shoulder, sure someone is watching you as you attempt to figure out how to use Google in your instruction? Do you ever have the feeling that there is something hiding under your desk, like your fear of integrating Google Docs, Forms, and Sheets in your classroom? Let INFOhio help you exterminate those troublesome specters of doubt and uncertainty with three Google-Buster webinars this October.

You'll learn how to

  • Streamline Google Apps with INFOhio's resources and tools for classroom and digital learning success
  • Integrate Google Hangouts into your outreach and career and college readiness programs
  • Use Google Forms to track student use of your program and create data-rich reports to your stakeholders

Join a diversely skilled Google-Busters Team of Ohio's education leaders as they deliver you from your distress and empower you to say, "I'm not afraid of Google!" (edited for educational quality).

Library Media Collection Development

With VCRs becoming obsolete, the library video collection needs to be updated. Many of the videos that are used are VHS tapes that are aging and wearing out. I will be weeding out the collection and asking you for input about new items for our library. Part of this process will be updating the catalog so that you can effectively search our library for items.

Contact Information

If you any ideas or suggestions for this newsletter please feel to contact me. Also, I am willing to provide additional information or training.