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Prayer Requests March 17, 2013

  • Belle and her family ~ She is home. Therapy begins this week.
  • Danny ~ Lisa is sick with bronchitis, head aches, back pain
  • Carman ~ PRAXIS on Saturday
  • Emily ~ Chris has a meeting with Emerie's mother to work out visitation. The mom's attorney has a reputation as a barracuda. Please pray Chris will stand up for himself.

Notes From Today's Lesson (my version...feel free to disagree or correct me)

Songs for a New Creation People

Ps 1

We get better at what we spend our time on. Musical instruments, in the Word. Verse 2. Meditate day and night, Life is better if you live right/act right. Out yourself in the right spot- like the tree was put in the right spot to get what it needed

Ps 51

This psalm is a model for confession of sin. Once you say , but God..." Then you are no longer confessing. You are excusing.

Ps 100

Filled with imperatives or commands,

Ps 110

Blessings come through raindrops

Next Week's Lesson Outline

Wisdom: Its Role in the Lives of God’s People

Summary and Goal

Here we look at several Old Testament wisdom literature texts (specifically Job; Prov.; Eccl.; Song of Sg.). Biblical wisdom is the skill of living successfully in God’s created but fallen world; it is concerned with the nature of reality and whether you can skillfully bring order and navigate your way through it. Wisdom literature helps us learn how to live in light of eternity and points forward to Jesus Christ, our wisdom.

Lesson Outline

1. Wisdom is rooted in the fear of God (Prov. 1:7).

2. Wisdom directs our passions (Song of Sg. 6:3).

3. Wisdom provides the proper perspective on life in a fallen world (Job 1:20-21).

4. Wisdom guides our priorities and points us to Christ (Eccl. 12:13-14).


  • Volunteers needed to help with Everything Trucks during Come See Me. Contact Tammyw@fbcrockhill.org
  • March 31. Easter Sunday; regular Sunday School. John Elefante from Kansas "Wayward Son"
  • April 7 ~ lunch together then shopping for the CAH project
  • April 13 ~ work day at Camp La Vida (White Oak)
  • April 27, Service project at Children's Attention Home
  • Dec. 14 Soup Kitchen

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