Child Labor in Aqua/Agriculture

Rice, Coffee Beans, and Aquaculture

Child Labor in the Aquaculture Industry

Children in Haiti are forced to harvest fish and their eggs and package/market them. There are many ways the children are brought to fish. One of the ways is on a capture fishing trip where they are taking out to sea and work in the harsh conditions of being on a boat in the hot, sun. They are also in charge of the upkeep of the ships, like waxing and painting the ships and repairing any damage.

Child Labor in the Rice Industry

Even though rice in the US is mainly produced by Arkansas, India is the leading producer in rice. The child labor rate in India of forced labor, ages 5-14, is 2%. That means, that 4,371,604 children in India don't get paid. And while 62% of parents, in America, are paying their children an average allowance of %12, most of these poor children don't get paid at all.

Child Labor in the Coffee Bean Industry

Over 5 million children in Cameroon are forced into child labor, some are included in Coffee production. Cameroon is a Sub-Saharan country where the minimum working age is 14 years old. Like the rice industry, most of the children don't get paid and only 72 percent of the children complete primary education. That same percentage of children actually attend school.