BISD 31 BOOKS Challenge!

Library Services Challenges YOU to read 31 books in July!

Don't let the summer slide get YOU!

BISD Libraries are challenging ALL staff (including spouses & families) to keep sharp this summer by participating in a BOOK-A-DAY CHALLENGE for the month of July, 2016!

What books count?

Picture Books ** Chapter Books ** Comic Books ** Novels ** Magazines ** Journals ** Kid Books ** Tween Books ** Teen Books ** Adult Books ** Award Winners ** Romance Novels ** New Books ** Old Books ** Re-Reads ** New Reads ** Classics ** Professional Reading ** Personal Reading ** Library Books ** eBooks ** Newspapers ** Textbooks ** Manuals ** Travel Guides & Brochures ** Board Books

You are accountable for your own reading!

Join us and have some READING FUN this summer!

The Rules...

  1. SIGN UP: Sign up on our Google Form
    or email name(s) & campus info to Denise Kersten
  2. CHALLENGE: Between July 1 & July 31, read 31 books
  3. SOCIAL MEDIA: Journal/List (some of) your books on our Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter: @BryanISD_Libraries, and don't forget to use our hashtag: #BISD31Books. You can also find information and updates on our BISD31Books Webpage.
  4. CELEBRATE: Attend our celebration!

CELEBRATE Your Accomplishment!

Celebration Date/Time To Be Determined!

We'll decide on this day/time as a group!

BISD Librarians

Please do not hesitate to contact us

if you have any questions or suggestions!

Robin Cox

Carol Frosch

Lamanda Jatzlau

Denise Kersten

Dana Yezak