Threats to Coral Reefs

Major threats to coral reefs

Where coral reefs are located

  • Near the equator
  • The largest coral reef is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
  • The 2nd largest coral reef can be found off the coast of Belize in Central America
  • Hawaii
  • Red Sea
  • Tropical oceans

Threats and what they do

  • Climate change - Coral reefs need cold water to survive but when the Water is to warm it causes bleaching, which means the coral is dying and since fish depend on coral reefs it affects the food web.
  • Land-based pollution (plastic and pipes) - Coral Reefs need clean water and pollution can make susceptible to disease, impede coral growth, reproduction, and changes in the food structures.

Perfect temperature for coral reefs is 73° and 84° Fahrenheit or 23°– 29°Celsius, anything higher or below 64° Fahrenheit/18° Celsius will kill it.

Animals that live in the ecosystem.


Coral eating starfish are important since it tends to feed on the fastest growing corals such as staghorns and plate corals. Slower growth allows coral species to form colonies.

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Clown fish eat plankton. They won't get stung by the Coral reef since clownfish can repel it.