edgar allan poe

cody burkle

. Edgar Allan Poe was an author and poet. he loved to create mystery and suspense. the pure thought of him is said to give you chills.

.Poes childhood was mostly filled with death and sickness. he thought he was a bad luck charm having all the women that he loved get sick and die.

.death and sickness were the biggest part of his life. with him being around it and all. although he never caught the sickness it affected the way he lived his everyday life.

.he published his first written thing in the year of 1831.

.his most significant work was called the raven.

.there are mostly just 2 themes in all his writings. the two themes are mostly death and suffering in his life.

.Poes death was a big mystery because nobody knew were he got his clothing and how he got there and what sickness he had.

.Poes impact and influences on the world was by making a brand new genera of mystery and suspense of murder and killing.

.Poes story fall in to the genera of mystery and horror.