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K-8 Learning Update

Leadership Corner

Hello Nighthawk Nation,

With next week being the last week of school in 2020, we want to take this opportunity to send our warmest wishes to your family this holiday season and share some important updates. Automated calls will go out to all New Vision Charter School families the week of December 28 to remind parents to continue to watch for symptoms and delay a return to school for any student with COVID-19 symptoms, positive test, or confirmed exposure (unrelated to school) until they have completed the required isolation or quarantine. If your child’s return to school in January will be delayed due to quarantine, or isolation, please email the teacher and/or your site administrator so we can prepare to set your child up for off-campus learning. You will be instructed to leave the following information:

  • Student’s first and last name and school of attendance

  • Is the student quarantined, tested positive for COVID-19, or exhibiting symptoms?

  • Date of COVID-19 Diagnosis or onset of symptoms (if applicable)

  • Date quarantine ends (if applicable)

Returning to School in January 2021

January 5-8: K-8 Return to Hybrid Learning (see schedule below)

January 11-15:

  • All Elementary students (K-5) will return to a daily in-person schedule starting on January 11.

  • Middle Students (6-8) will continue in hybrid learning with the new live streaming format/schedule.

K-5 January Schedule

6-8 January Schedule

We appreciate your continued support and transparency with New Vision Charter School. We wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season. We look forward to seeing you in 2021.

With much gratitude,

Tim Bishop, Executive Director

Mary Baker, K-3 Principal

Marian Hejl, 4-8 Principal

Todd Bissell, K-8 Assistant Principal

NVCS Parent Expectations for Reporting COVID Exposure

Guidelines for reporting COVID Exposure

Grades 6-8

6-8 Shift in Hybrid Structure

We will be shifting the delivery of 6-8 grade level student's remote learning instruction starting after Winter Break. After Winter Break, students will no longer be assigned work to complete independently without live instruction on their remote days. Teachers will be providing students with a Google Meets code for their classroom and students who are learning remotely on that day will need to log into every core content class (math, ELA, science, social studies) at the time that they normally have that class. This means students will participate in live lessons for the direct instruction component of in person sessions Monday-Thursday.

Live instruction will not include Extended Learning Opportunities, Encore classes, or Advisory.

What to Expect During Live Streamed Lessons:

Teachers will mute students and turn off student video during direct instruction. If a student signals they have a question, the teacher will allow audio and visual components to be accessed if the student requests. When teachers switch to independent learning and small group instruction time, live feed for that core class will stop. Students will still be able to ask questions from the teacher using the chat feature during live stream lessons. During direct instruction time we ask remote students (and parents) to understand that our teachers are providing focused attention to our in person learners and that it might take a moment for teachers to get to your questions or needs. If a question is not addressed for a remote learner, please email the teacher with your questions.

Fridays: All students are remote, no in person learning.

Fridays will be used for small group support and individual support sessions for students. If you student is a part of a small group, you will be sent an email with their Friday small group session schedule. Please make sure your students are attending our Friday small group sessions. Friday is also a time for students to complete unfinished work from the week.

What if my student misses a live session?

Live sessions will not be recorded, if a student misses a live session, it will be as if they missed a day of school. Their teacher will get them the work that needs to be completed and will answer questions the student might have regarding the assignment. Fridays are a great way to get individual, or small group support for a missed session.


If a teacher notes a student is not logging in on their remote days and if the student is missing a significant amount of work, they will reach out to administration with their concerns. We do expect all students to participate in live sessions throughout the day. If your student is going to be absent on a remote learning day, please communicate this with our front office and the student’s teacher.

What if I am not comfortable sending my student to school on their in person days?We understand that every family has different needs during this time. If you would like to keep your student home and do 100% remote learning during this time, please reach out to your school administrator and we will work with you to get this option set up. Please note, that remote learning will only be an option for students while we are in the hybrid model. We will not offer this when we return to full time, in person learning.

This shift is being done because we have noticed a significant disengagement from students during remote learning days. We have also noted that we are not getting through as much content as we would like to this year. Please note that this is a new process and we are asking for grace and patience as we roll it out. We will be gracious with students in the early weeks of this transition and provide ample support. If you have a need during this transition please do not hesitate to reach out to your homeroom teacher and let us know what your needs are.

Thank you for your continued partnership,

Marian Hejl, 4-8 Principal

Todd Bissell, K-8 Assistant Principal

Important Dates to Remember

December 18: End of 2nd Quarter

December 21 - January 4: Winter Break

January 4: No School for Students

January 5 - January 8: Hybrid Learning Continues

January 11: K-5 Full In-Person Learning begins

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