The Bruin Blast

Labor Omnia Vincit


Surprise Visit


On Wednesday we received a SURPRISE visit from Dr. Hinojosa! I am sure that many of you were able to see him walking the halls. He was very pleased with the climate and culture of the school. He said, "The school looks amazing!" A BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Moore, Mr. Ortiz and Ms. Stephanie for working so hard to get the school looking so wonderful! THANK YOU to all of our teachers for ensuring that our students are engaged in learning every single day! As he peeked into the classrooms he continued to praise the work that has been done at Blanton for the students. Your work is an inspiration to all!


Instructional Audit

AS you know, we had representatives from each of the content areas to conduct an instructional audit. They visited classrooms and observed student engagement, student artifacts, classroom environment and teacher actions. The objective of the visit was to take a close look at what is already in place in the classrooms and as a campus and to to pinpoint a few upgrades that would give us leverage in accelerating student achievement. These opportunities give us a different perspective that perhaps we had not seen. Each of the departments was very positive about their observations.

They noticed that the classrooms were very print rich. Students were engaged in a variety of learning activities. The climate and culture of the classrooms was positive and conducive to learning. By Monday, each of the departments will send us their notes that I will share with you.

Again, I thank you for being a part of the Blanton transformation. I thank you for all of your hard work and I know that through your effective instruction students will continue to accelerate!