The War of 1812

By: Amber Prichard


#1. Impressment continues - British blockade - This operation was from 1914-1919 which sought to obstruct Germanys ability to import goods, And thus in the most literal sense starve the German people and military into submission

#2. Native American attacks on frontier - instigated by the British - Simply because Native Americans and European colonists or "Frontiersmen" couldn't put aside their differences and get along

#3. Tecumseh - Native American who tries to unite tribes east of the Mississippi River (Confederacy) Tries to bring tribes together and fight against settlers but he then flees to present day Canada

#4. Battle of Tippecanoe - General William Henry Harrison defeats confederacy

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Battle Regions

#1. Invasion of Canada - Failure

#2. Naval Battles - Old ironside sinks British ships - British blockade is still a problem

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#1. Americans gain worldwide respect- after showing that we are basically the watchmen of the world people and other countries started to respect America

#2. America recognizes Canada as a peaceful neighbor - After a while American congress started to realize that Canada was not a threat and was a rather peaceful country

#3. Federalists look bad because of Hartford Convention -

#4. Native Americans loose land/power - Europeans were invading and taking land that Native americans lived on and owned

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