Romeo and Juliet: Act 3 Scene 3

Eddie Burnett Jr

Summary of the scene

Romeo, after fleeing from the fight with Tybalt, hides in Friar Lawrence's cell. Friar Lawrence comes and tells Romeo is banished from Verona. Nurse enters. Romeo has a fit about being banished. He says its worst than death. He threatens to kill himself because there is no heaven like Verona where Juliet lives. Nurse tells Romeo to be a man for Juliet and Friar informs Romeo that he is being to emotional like always and tells him that if he kills himself, he kills Juliet as well. Romeo realizes his actions and decides no to do so. Then decides to go to Juliet's to make love because that was his previous plan before. Friar tell nurse to tell everyone to go to bed and inform Juliet that Romeo is on his way. Romeo gives his final good bye to Friar and leaves.


The reason why tbnis song was chosen is the fact Romeo And Juliet love each other so dearly they'd rather die than be away from one another. The song Thousand Years speaks about loving for a "thousand years and a thousand more" and the screams Romeo and Juliet.